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Jupiter in Scorpio

Broad Scope, Deep Focus

Kelli Fox

Your mind wanders far. You're deeply curious, not at all satisfied with casual answers or surface responses. You delve into what is going on beneath the surface and you want to know all the dirty details.

You've got the mental power to plumb the depths and uncover crucial hidden information. You'd make a great reporter, investigator, or detective; any field that requires you to hone your mental prowess with regular research is appealing to you. With your natural understanding of what motivates people, you'd also be good in therapeutic fields such as psychology and counseling. In your off hours, you may enjoy dabbling in the great mysteries, whether they be archeological, spiritual, or metaphysical. The unseen has the greatest attraction for you. Another of your skills is being able to ascertain the big picture from the small details; you make the connections that elude others, and your world view is not only large but deep as well, including both sides of the divide. This is equally true in both your professional and your day-to-day lives. Your scope is broad and your focus deep.

Jupiter in Scorpio in the Solar Return Chart

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