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Jupiter in Sagittarius

Bigger than Life

Kelli Fox

You are a seeker, one who strives to find the divine in everyday life, and who wants to understand those overarching principles that bind the world together. Naturally drawn to subjects such as religion, education theory and philosophy, you use these esoteric subjects to organize your search for the ultimate truth, a pursuit that should never end. As long as you're open and inquisitive, you are in the right mindset.

The moment you think you've found the ultimate truth, you're in big trouble, for at that point, your mind snaps shut in self-righteousness. A haughty, superior, or condescending attitude can soon follow. All of this is easily avoided by keeping your mind and heart open to the wonder of the world, realizing that you will never know everything there is to know, and that it's more about the journey than the destination. Let your feet carry you far in the world, for the more experiences you're exposed to and the broader variety of people you meet along the way, the bigger your picture and the more universal your synthesis. The power of your faith, good will and generosity is immense. In many ways, you are bigger than life itself!

Jupiter in Sagittarius in the Solar Return Chart

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