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Jupiter in Pisces

A Really Big Picture

Kelli Fox

Few people on the planet have a vision as large as yours. After all, life is but a stage, and we are all players on it; you were born knowing this, and yearning to return to your spiritual roots. Some sort of religious or spiritual practice is crucial to your inner happiness.

You have a very expansive nature, embracing as much of the universe as you can handle and including as many people as you can. You are extremely tolerant, meet people easily, and love the diversity of your friendships. You don't want to exclude anyone! You're a very sympathetic and compassionate person, with the result that you may often be a sounding board and a shoulder to cry on. There is a strong intuitive ability, and if you work to develop it, you can become positively psychic. You're very sensitive on many levels. If you aren't aware of your sensitivity, you can easily be tempted to overindulge in alcohol, drugs, food, or any addictive substance -- something you must be very careful to avoid, because once you're in it's very difficult to get out. Your sympathy is palpable; you can't tolerate seeing anyone in pain. Selfless acts of service give you great inner satisfaction.

Jupiter in Pisces in the Solar Return Chart

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