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Jupiter in Libra

Noble and Idealistic

Kelli Fox

You are at your best when you work to bring together people of vastly different ideas, backgrounds, and cultures. Your natural curiosity about the world and your ability to talk to anyone gives you, over time, a fantastic range of friends, acquaintances, and experiences, which you'll draw from as you connect this person with that person in ways that are beneficial to everyone. You have a keen sense of justice and may be attracted to a profession in the legal field.

There is something noble and idealistic about you, as if your ideas are so virtuous and elevated that mere humans can only aspire to them. Your ideals are built on your inner faith and belief that everyone deserves justice and equality. You promote peace, not war. You believe in diplomacy over force. Your desire is to improve the world and leave it a better place. And while you are here, you'll probably enjoy some of the finer things that life has to offer. Your tastes could be quite refined, not to mention expensive. You appreciate fine art, music and culture. The wonderful thing is that these things also feed your soul.

Jupiter in Libra in the Solar Return Chart

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