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Jupiter in Leo

Larger than Life

Kelli Fox

You're at your best when you're acting confident and strong, even if you don't particularly feel that way. It's like Henry James's 'as if' theory: Act confident and strong, and soon you'll feel that way too. You can take this concept to the max.

Since you don't mind having lots of eyes on you, a career in fields such as education, politics, or entertainment, or any job that keeps you in the public eye, is a natural for you. All the attention keeps you confident. Or is it the confidence that garners you all the attention? Who knows! The fact of the matter is that it works for you. You have a highly generous nature, sometimes to a fault, and are very giving of yourself. You'll devote many hours and much energy to your areas of interest and commitment. You have goodwill and are optimistic for a more positive future. Integrity is a hugely important principle for you, so you attempt always to act with the highest principles.

Jupiter in Leo in the Solar Return Chart

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