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Jupiter in Gemini

A Natural Teacher

Kelli Fox

You are a natural teacher and a lifelong learner, and your curiosity will never abate. Make it a point to exercise the muscle of your mind every day and you will enjoy the fruit of that labor for many years. Able to grasp the big picture as well as the details, you put it all together and then engagingly present it to others.

You have a natural interest in young people and are willing to devote a lot of your time and energy toward their education and betterment. You have a certain pep and youthfulness yourself, so you identify with the youngsters you help. You are a person who needs a great deal of personal freedom. You may like to travel to different countries, and you certainly have a knack for picking up new languages and making friends wherever you go. Your address book is full of exotic names and faraway places; it's an adventure just to look through it! And you've got a story for every name. A high tolerance for other people and a love of new experiences means that you'll live life to its fullest and enjoy every moment.

Jupiter in Gemini in the Solar Return Chart

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