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Jupiter in Capricorn

Restricted Belief System

Kelli Fox

You have big ideas about how the world ought to operate, but they are stifled by a restrictive and confined belief system. Your mind hungers for knowledge and you are willing to work hard to thoroughly learn the subjects you're interested in, and you want to put them to practical use. You'll feel best about yourself if you have an educational degree, which serves not only as a recognition of your academic achievement but also for the status and respect it brings.

Your biggest challenge is to avoid being restricted by tradition. After you master the classics, you must step out of the box created by the 'it's always been done this way' mindset, difficult as that may be. In business, you tend to be optimistic, perhaps investing in ventures that don't live up to your high hopes. In response, you swing too far the other way and become too conservative. The key to mastering this placement is finding the balance between expansion and restriction, between growth and reduction, between excessive optimism and depressing pessimism. Walk the thin line of balance and you'll succeed.

Jupiter in Capricorn in the Solar Return Chart

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