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Jupiter in Cancer

Lucky at Home

Kelli Fox

When you think about your family, your group of friends or your homeland, your heart swells with pride and love. Your attachment to the groups you belong to is very meaningful for you, and it is here that you will find your greatest security. You have a kind and compassionate heart, and enjoy caring for others, generously opening your home to guests and travelers from far and near when you can.

If circumstances don't permit it, you feel bad. You like to teach others what you know, and could quite easily develop a mentor relationship with a younger person. To you, instilling moral knowledge is just as important as teaching math and science. You will probably be very lucky in your home life, living in a spacious environment or getting help with purchasing your own home. Perhaps your parents can help you with that, or provide other meaningful assistance for you. In any event, you will enjoy your home and want to be there as much as you can.

Jupiter in Cancer in the Solar Return Chart

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