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Jupiter in Aries

The Honest Mayor

Kelli Fox

Naturally confident, you were born with an inner belief in yourself and the self-assurance you need to go far in life. You think well of yourself, and your self-respect is reflected in the respect you receive from others. You could even go a little overboard in the self-confidence department, something you must try to be aware of.

You have a good ability to promote yourself, so this is a good aspect to have if you're in a profession that requires you to drum up your own business. You can also put this skill to use for others, because you are a good manager and publicist. You pride yourself on taking the moral high road, keeping your dealings squeaky clean and above reproach. That fundamental honesty as well as your larger-than-life personality could well propel you to leadership positions within your community or your sphere. You have a natural optimism and buoyancy, generous good will, and a straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is manner, all of which make you very appealing as a leadership figure to those around you. However, it must be said that you also need a great deal of personal freedom, and will seek adventures far and near to fulfill that need.

Jupiter in Aries in the Solar Return Chart

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