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Jupiter in Aquarius

Professional Student

Kelli Fox

Your need for freedom and adventure is very strong and you will hope to travel far, in body and mind, in order to explore the world and expand your knowledge of it. Mental stimulation is extremely important to you, for you have an unusually strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge and experience. You could be quite happy being a professional student, for you are a lifelong learner.

You'd make an excellent teacher, too, because you have the ability to organize and present information and material in an offbeat and innovative way. Your lesson plans could include memorable activities and unusual methods of presentation, so that your students will get the point and remember you and your lessons fondly. That's quite a group of friends you've got there, too. Your socialization probably occurs most comfortably in academic situations or in group activities that are intended for study and discussion. You are a very forward-thinking individual, and your best efforts are directed toward making the planet a better place to live for future generations.

Jupiter in Aquarius in the Solar Return Chart

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