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Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Potential for Greatness

Kelli Fox

You stand in the present, at the precise junction of the past and the future. Staying rooted in the Now enables you to reach back into the past, bring forward what is of value and then revision it for the future. A natural leader, and with exceptionally high standards (especially for yourself), you demand, and acquire, respect and integrity.

Education and learning are high on your list of the things you value most; you strive to grasp not only how things work on a real-world level but also at a more abstract level, via subjects such as comparative religion or philosophy. You could be a teacher or become involved in the legal profession. Your enthusiasm and exuberance are well balanced by thoughtfulness and practicality. Your sense of timing is good. You intuitively know when to take a risk and when to hold back; when to expand operations and when to downsize. You move through life with cautious optimism. Social status and material success are yours for the earning. However, status is not enough for you, because you seek to find meaning in all that you do. You may find that an organized religion or other structured spiritual organization will focus your need to live the meaningful life. You sometimes struggle with your spirituality, undergoing crises of faith that test your beliefs. In the end, this is a path you must walk on your own.

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