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Jupiter conjunct North Node

A Sense of Destiny

Kelli Fox

The future beckons, and you gladly respond. You are not held back by the past and your involvement in the present is only a means to tomorrow. Your whole life up to this point has served to build a road to the bright fulfillment of your destiny.

You usually have the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time. What's more, the decisions you make seem to move you forward on your correct life path, particularly when those decisions are based on generosity, faith and good will. Exploring the world, making connections, practicing tolerance and inclusiveness -- these are the actions that propel you forward headlong into the favorable future. You're wonderful with people. As a teacher, you are incomparable. Be a mentor. Take younger ones under your wing and guide them. This placement indicates big appetites, something you'll need to mindful about. Overall it is a promise of a good life, well lived.

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