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Jupiter conjunct Neptune

Nothing but a Dreamer

Kelli Fox

You are very idealistic and optimistic when it comes to your world view, and many would even say you're nothing but a dreamer. You can fantasize about your Utopia till the cows come home, but doing anything concrete to make sure it happens is another matter altogether. You'll need that gift from other parts of your chart because you won't get it here.

Instead, this aspect will give you a vibrant connection with the unseen world and a deep understanding of the subtle nature of things. You have great faith in a higher being. Don't ever delude yourself that you are one, though! You're very compassionate and a champion of the underdog; if you are well enough off, you could be a philanthropist. At minimum, you will be generous with what you do have. You'd be well advised to keep some trustworthy people around you, because you're gullible and too vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Run your plans by someone more practical than you, who can ask the questions you might have forgotten. Your imaginative and spiritual life will be rich. As often as possible, you should indulge your creative side. Just be aware that you can't escape there forever; the practical world still needs your attention from time to time.

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