New Moon in Libra

Kelli Fox

The New Moon in Libra shifts your attention to relationship issues with business associates, sweetheart and friends. Cooperation is vital to a harmonious life. You may just be starting to fathom interconnectedness in the world.

Consider the bonds that you have with others. Are the connections ideal? Compromise is at the heart of peaceful coexistence. Evaluate whether you’re getting a fair shake when dealing with others. Are you being fair and reasonable as well? This may be time to address these kinds of questions.

Respect, love and trust are generally earned, so ponder how to develop these qualities within relationships. Address balance issues if you’re involved in an unequal association. You may want to peruse a couple of books for some ideas on how to proceed.

Try to surround yourself with objects pleasing to the eye. Beautify your life with colors that calm. In doing so, you create an environment conducive to pleasant interactions. Black walls with protruding sharp metal objects wouldn’t be the most uplifting place to have a romantic evening, for example.

Think of ways to be more open to divergent views. You can’t easily change others, but you can change your behavior.

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The month of Libra begins with the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. During the first two days of the month we have the ability to determine what our year will look like and throughout this event packed month, we create our vessel for the coming year through the use of kabbalistic tools and technology. Join Karen Berg as she provides us with a guided meditation to tap into the positive aspects of the month of Libra using the D.N.A. sequences which created this month, the letter Pei which created the planet venus and and the letter lamed which created the sign of Libra.


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