New Moon in Cancer

Kelli Fox

The New Moon in Cancer calms you down for a reflective period when you focus on yourself. Cancer reminds you to think about things closest to your heart and home. You may find yourself evaluating your feelings about your home life, your childhood, and even issues of self-love. A need for security lies just beneath the surface of your feelings.

If any part of your life feels unsafe, this is the time to consider what your remedies should be. If someone you live with is constantly overstepping their boundaries with you, then perhaps it is time to move them out of your home or to move yourself out of the situation.

If something feels unsettled between you and your family, your might consider starting therapy or getting them involved in a family session with you. Deeply personal and emotional issues will be prominent now.

If you aren’t getting the appreciation that you feel you deserve, than it is time to do something about it. You shouldn’t have to deal with difficult people in your own home nor put up with loved ones who are anything but loving. Create a space for yourself that is completely your own, a retreat where you feel replenished every time you go there, a place that is your personal sacred space and off-limits to everyone else. Let your intuition guide you.

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The month of Cancer is known as one of the 3 “negative” months. Kabbalistically, we know that “negative” simply means the existence of a tremendous amount of Light. Join Karen Berg as she discuss what we can do to use this energy to create balance and blessings in our lives, and do a meditation to make it happen.


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