New Moon in Scorpio

Kelli Fox

New Moon in Scorpio: October 27th @4 degrees

The New Moon is opposite Uranus in Taurus.

Internal Issues

The Scorpio New Moon shifts your consciousness from external relationships to more internal issues. Depth and meaning are qualities that give value to our existence.


There are many mysteries in life that intrigue us and invite us to delve a little deeper. This is a time when you find yourself looking within, seeking to understand yourself more truly.


Look at the areas in your life that need healing. Some of it may be physical, but much of it is probably emotional. Contemplate the way you respond to any situation or crisis. Do you overreact? Do you panic? Do you make the wicked Witch of the West look like Mother Teresa? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may want to take a look at your personal triggers.

Pain and Trauma

Generally speaking, where your reaction is the strongest is where your greatest pain resides. See if there’s a link with a childhood trauma that keeps you behaving in ways that can be embarrassing for you. Don’t expect to change overnight, but at least try to recognize patterns that keep reemerging.


Be honest with yourself. Play detective with your life by charting some of the best and worst moments you can remember. Try to sit still long enough and insights will come. Make a commitment to tackle a few of these demons. Do a little research and see if there is any professional help that you can utilize in the healing process. You may want to consider alternative therapies such as rebirthing, hypnotherapy, and naturopathy.

New Moon opposite Uranus

This is probably the worst time of the month to try to make a personal or emotional connection with anyone else. Most people are feeling rather peevish for these few hours. We’re not in the mood for polite conversation or for enduring any type of social niceties; instead, we want to be left alone. We’re irritable. Grumpy, even. We’re oversensitive and feel bombarded by invisible vibrations. And we’re not wrong about that — those vibes are always there, but right now we feel them more than usual. We could easily do something quirky and then blame it on the other guy. Thank goodness this transit is so short-lived.

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