New Moon in Aries

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New Moon in Aries at 4 degrees on March 24

New Moon sextiles Saturn in Aquarius,

Edgy Impulses

The Aries New Moon could be the force behind some edgy impulses that need release. Having just completed a restive period, you’re ready for something exciting and new to begin. Brilliant schemes may be circulating in your brain. At the very least, you’re ready for something to happen and it will probably be by your own hand.

Energetic Beginnings

With the New Moon in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, this lunar phase marks energetic beginnings and fresh starts. You are hankering for some action. You may already be reacting on a slightly aggressive level to everyone around you, being ever so temperamental. Do consider some activities that you’d like to get going; perhaps your exercise program needs a jump start? How about getting ahead on some projects at work? Maybe initiate a date with that eye-catching cutie at your local cafe.


The restless energy of Aries gets you moving. Think about what you’d like to do and go for it. You may even consider leading a group or a project. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, and certainly don’t let an opportunity pass you by. Seize the moment while you can. There will be time to figure out the details later, but for now, prepare to move off your tush. Life is too short to wait around for tomorrows.

New Moon squares Saturn

This is one of those times when a lot of us feel defeated, as if we’re working at cross purposes. Authority issues raise their ugly heads and some folks find themselves backed into a corner, forced to explain themselves when they come under attack by bosses, coworkers, teachers or parents. Even though crawling under a rock feels like the preferable course of action, each of us has to take care of business. There are limitations now on individual leadership, especially when it bumps up against corporate values or hierarchy. It’s easy to let this heavy energy get us down, but don’t linger on feelings of rejection, loneliness or isolation. They’re only temporary. Avoid confrontations by working alone. Keeping our noses to the grindstone and promising ourselves a good reward at the end of the week when this is all finished will help us get through it.

New Moon sextile Saturn

The mood is somber and serious during this short transit, but not depressing. Most folks simply want to be left alone so they can get their work done without any type of interruption or distraction. We feel focused and committed to completing our responsibilities. There is a temporary sense of emotional restriction; that is, we may feel shy or otherwise reticent to express how we feel. This is an excellent time to do work in or on our homes and our personal lives, because we can see what needs to be fixed and we feel dedicated to accomplishing it. Endurance is good but by the end of the day, a restful sleep will sound very appealing.

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