Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius

Kelli Fox

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius: February 15th

The Solar Eclipse conjuncts Mercury, squares Jupiter and forms a sextile to Uranus.

Sudden Unexpected and Radical Changes

Two weeks after 2018’s first Lunar Eclipse in Leo comes the first Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius. Considering that Solar Eclipses bring about radical change, the fact that this is in the sign of rebellion and progress amplifies the possibilities. Aquarius isn’t one for gradual change or for asking permission from superiors. Aquarius desires what’s good for everyone – whether they know it or not yet. With both the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, this Solar Eclipse may bring sudden, unexpected, and radical changes, particularly on a national or even global scale.

Time for Something Different

Aquarius’s ruler, Uranus, is in bold and brash Aries, and will sextile the Aquarius Sun during this Solar Eclipse, giving it’s blessing to go full-tilt, acting now and asking questions later. If you want to make a serious change and have been afraid, fear no more: this is the time to do it. Mercury in Aquarius conjunct the Eclipse provides the sudden, brilliant intuition that you should make a change or do something completely different. It may drive you, and others, to not seek truth or higher power, but to create truth and become your own authority.

The Dark Underbelly

Breaking up the progressive vibes here is Jupiter in Scorpio squaring the Eclipse and Mercury. Jupiter in Scorpio wants to overturn all of the rot beneath the surface and expose it to the light. As we’ve already seen with the Weinstein and the Russian election scandals, Jupiter wanting to turn over and expose (or strengthen) the institutional, dark underbelly, This causes serious tension as it squares a Mercury that wants to think of radical, new ideas and a Sun that wants to change the world. This is a struggle between the elite few and the much bigger collective, but with Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius, this is more likely to be a war of words and ideas rather than guns or bombs. With the Sun, Moon, and Mercury in technology minded Aquarius, this revolution may very well be televised; in fact, it may all happen entirely through media and adjudication.

The Unexpected

What can you expect from this Solar Eclipse? Nothing short of the unexpected. Chances are, most of the changes will be pleasant or at least neutral, but if you have planets or angles in the fixed signs, you may be profoundly affected in one way or another. Those who wish to maintain the establishment may have the worst of it, and those who thirst for change may feel as if this is jagged blessing from the universe.


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  1. Christine on February 17, 2018 at 10:09 am

    This is so long awaited and truly a wonderful, beautiful, absolutely delightful much-needed change! ? My heart is nearly bursting…. I’ve been rejoicing and reveling in the personal awakenings all around in 2018 – especially in women! ??
    Sagittarius Sun ?♐? (with heavy natal Scorpio ♍ influences)
    Gemini Moon ?♋ + Virgo Rising ♌

    • Kelli on February 17, 2018 at 10:33 am

      Thanks for sharing! It seems transiting Jupiter in Scorpio is making your heart sing right now. 🙂

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