New Moon in Leo

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New Moon in Leo: July 31

The New Moon conjunct Venus and Mars in Leo, trines Jupiter in Sagittarius and squares Uranus in Taurus.


The Leo New Moon arouses your creative side. Sparks of imagination light up in your mind. Give some quality time to nurture these divine gifts that ultimately make your life much richer and more colorful. If any particular problem has got you stumped, you may find some new ways to resolve them.

Artistic Expression

Leo is unsurpassed when it comes to artistic expression. Whatever you choose to focus on, whether it is an art form such as painting, drawing, or dance, or something more practical such as having children in your life, what you create by your own efforts is likely to be something that will make you proud.

Manifest Ideas

The act of expression is one of the most important characteristics of Leo. Don’t keep it in. Let the ideas flow out of you. Make a list of the steps necessary to manifest those ideas into a more tangible form.

Inner Child

If what you desire is more physical affection and love, look at the possible ways that you can get this through online ads, friends of friends, or going to some social events. You get love when you’re able to give it out freely without condition. There’s no time like the present to fulfill a vision. Let it be a fun process, treat it like play, let your inner child run loose. Seek ways to unfetter your life so that you have room to let the juices flow.

New Moon in Leo conjunct Venus

Enjoy these all-too-brief hours of romance, pleasure and comfort. Toss work aside and cuddle up with a loved one, take a stroll in the park or have a little sweet snack. Emotions well up and long to be expressed under this influence; it’s a perfect time to pen a love note or give your sweetie a jingle on the phone. Beauty speaks louder now than at other times. Creative juices are also stirred up, so it’s the best time to enjoy music, literature and any form of artistry. Take full advantage of this once-a-month opportunity to fully enjoy life.

New Moon in Leo conjunct Mars

The monthly meeting of Moon and Mars is one of the hottest, sexiest times of the month, so it pays to know when it’s happening. Sheer emotion meets raw passion now, and the results can be fireworks, to say the least. All that energy can manifest in other ways, too. Some of us may feel quite irritable, or strangely emotional without knowing why. There are a few people who will react to this brief transit with an emotional outburst or by saying whatever they feel without concern for the way it comes across to others. Hotheads are also likely to take offense very easily at this time.

New Moon in Leo trine Jupiter

Emotions swell during this brief transit and we can easily get carried away by feelings of sentimentality and nostalgia. The past seems like a utopian vision if we remember only the good and turn a blind eye toward the imperfect memories. Instead of looking back, we would do well to peer into the future. Visualizing our dreams and goals will actually get us started on the path toward their fulfillment. We do feel friendly and want to connect with others, particularly with family members and close friends. Self-indulgence is a distinct possibility now. Give in today and pay the price later.

New Moon in Leo square Uranus

People can feel downright irritable for the few hours that this transit lasts; they pretty much want to be left to their own devices. Interference or, heaven forbid, actual instruction could be met with defiance or a standoffish glare. Most folks aren’t particularly compassionate at this moment, or in the mood to feel anyone else’s pain. This is a poor time to try to make an emotional contact with anyone. A few people among us may succumb to impulsive, abrupt, not well-thought-out actions, which they’ll later regret. Knowing that most people are fairly insensitive right now helps us avoid taking offense.

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  1. Mark Fletcher on July 31, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    What an exciting time! Bring it on 👍

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