New Moon in Leo

Kelli Fox

New Moon in Leo: 26 degrees on August 18th

The New Moon conjuncts Mercury and trines Mars.


The Leo New Moon arouses your creative side. Sparks of imagination light up in your mind. Give some quality time to nurture these divine gifts that ultimately make your life much richer and more colorful. If any particular problem has got you stumped, you may find some new ways to resolve them.

Artistic Expression

Leo is unsurpassed when it comes to artistic expression. Whatever you choose to focus on, whether it is an art form such as painting, drawing, or dance, or something more practical such as having children in your life, what you create by your own efforts is likely to be something that will make you proud.

Manifest Ideas

The act of expression is one of the most important characteristics of Leo. Don’t keep it in. Let the ideas flow out of you. Make a list of the steps necessary to manifest those ideas into a more tangible form.

Inner Child

If what you desire is more physical affection and love, look at the possible ways that you can get this through online ads, friends of friends, or going to some social events. You get love when you’re able to give it out freely without condition. There’s no time like the present to fulfill a vision. Let it be a fun process, treat it like play, let your inner child run loose. Seek ways to unfetter your life so that you have room to let the juices flow.

New Moon conjuncts Mercury

There will be a lot of chatting around the water cooler today as minds and hearts come together and people feel like sharing. Fortunately, this brief contact helps us listen with sensitivity as well as express our feelings. Mental processes are stimulated by emotional content, but be careful not to make decisions based solely on your feelings or the mood of the moment. We are attuned to one another both at a mental and a feeling level. This is an excellent time to reach out to family members, and today is one of those days when friends feel like extended family. Journaling is an excellent idea today.

New Moon trines Mars

There can be quite a surge of erotic, sexual energy during the few hours of this particular transit, which is something that most people respond to on some level, consciously
or not. Emotional power blends with physical prowess to help folks feel excited, passionate about what they’re doing and internally aligned. We express our emotions with ease and pay attention to our bodies. Actions taken now are based on clear feelings and should be successful. There’s a certain youthful, impetuous feeling to this brief period that can be quite fun and refreshing. Sparks can fly, in more ways than one!


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