What Turns an Aquarius On and Off

Kelli Fox

Curious about what truly titillates your lover or crush? Look no further than the Zodiac. Every human being has a unique desire nature — what gets us hot and bothered, and what leaves us cold. Our Sun Signs have a huge impact on what makes us feel sexy and how we woo the object of our passion. Read on to find out all about what stokes yours or someone else's Sign’s passion, and what douses that fire.

What turns them on: Open-mindedness; new positions; variety; naughty talk. They’re more mental than physical, so ideas can be more of a turn-on than anything tangible or concrete. Freedom and independence are also a necessity for this sign; their biggest turn-on is a lover who will accept and even adore their unique and unusual self.

What turns them off: Neediness; heavy emotion; a conservative lover who shies away from trying something new. Routine can blow out the desires of an Aquarian like a candle, so a lover who wants it the same way every time may not last long. A traditional approach to sensuality may actually be interesting to the Water Bearer, at least at first — hey, it presents a challenge! — but this will quickly lose its novelty.

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