What Turns a Virgo On and Off

Kelli Fox

Curious about what truly titillates your lover or crush? Look no further than the Zodiac. Every human being has a unique desire nature — what gets us hot and bothered, and what leaves us cold. Our Sun Signs have a huge impact on what makes us feel sexy and how we woo the object of our passion. Read on to find out all about what stokes yours or someone else's Sign’s passion, and what douses that fire.

What turns them on: A slow and steady build-up. Virgo appreciates an intellectual connection with a refined lover who takes care of themselves. They have high standards, and they like a lover with similar ideals. They’re all about striving for perfection, which can be difficult to achieve — but they’ll definitely have fun trying!

What turns them off: Sloppiness; tardiness; a clumsy approach to intimacy. They won’t appreciate a lover who doesn’t take care of themselves; junk food devoured in bed is a big no-no! But most of all, a careless or crass attitude about sex will douse Virgo’s drive like a match under a garden hose.

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