How Sexy Are You, Scorpio?

Kelli Fox

Everyone, even the most confident among us, wonders from time to time, “Am I hot or not?” After all, we all want love, acceptance and approval. Being seen as desirable is certainly an ego boost, but it’s more than just that. It can also serve as confirmation that our basic nature is shining through — the energy and essence that define who we are — and that others see and appreciate these qualities. Each sign of the Zodiac comes with its very own prescription for sexual attractiveness — those characteristics, both subtle and overt, that make people turn their heads and take notice. What’s your personal prescription for sensual appeal? Find out below to find out what makes you sexy.

The sign of the Scorpion is the very definition of drop-dead sexy. Whether or not yours is the sexiest sign is irrelevant; you see yourself that way, and so does your lover — and that’s all that matters. When pursuing the object of your desires, your intensity of focus, whether aimed at a stranger across a crowded room or at your lover behind closed doors, is irresistible. Your intuitive sense of your own power is tantalizing for anyone who wants to get closer to that potent energy source within you. And your emotional depths are compelling enough to make your lover want to go the distance with you, no matter how raw and intense things might get along the way. You prefer to be in control in your romantic relationship, including sexually, which can be both frustrating and highly erotic for your partner. They never quite know what to expect from you — and that is exciting in the extreme. Furthermore, your risqué sexual tastes, paired with that legendary endurance of yours, are enough to drive your lover to extremes of pleasure and raw sensual experience.

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