How Sexy Are You, Pisces?

Kelli Fox

Everyone, even the most confident among us, wonders from time to time, “Am I hot or not?” After all, we all want love, acceptance and approval. Being seen as desirable is certainly an ego boost, but it’s more than just that. It can also serve as confirmation that our basic nature is shining through — the energy and essence that define who we are — and that others see and appreciate these qualities. Each sign of the Zodiac comes with its very own prescription for sexual attractiveness — those characteristics, both subtle and overt, that make people turn their heads and take notice. What’s your personal prescription for sensual appeal? Find out below to find out what makes you sexy.

Your sexiest quality, Pisces, is your ability to connect at a deep, intuitive level with your lover — along with your desire to give yourself over to them, completely and selflessly, body and soul. Your nurturing devotion makes your partner feel utterly cared for and adored. Intimate experiences with you aren’t just about pleasures of the flesh; they’re encounters of the mind, heart and soul as well. When you’re truly in tune with your partner, you can create a kind of symbiotic, even psychic sexual connection that is overwhelmingly stimulating for you both. Your lover probably adores getting lost in an ocean of sensual feeling with you. If your partner is a dominant type, you’re perfectly happy to play the submissive, stoking their passions with your eagerness to please. But you’re also capable of taking the lead — and your gentle, generous touch is irresistible to the one who loves you.

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