How Sexy Are You, Libra?

Kelli Fox

Everyone, even the most confident among us, wonders from time to time, “Am I hot or not?” After all, we all want love, acceptance and approval. Being seen as desirable is certainly an ego boost, but it’s more than just that. It can also serve as confirmation that our basic nature is shining through — the energy and essence that define who we are — and that others see and appreciate these qualities. Each sign of the Zodiac comes with its very own prescription for sexual attractiveness — those characteristics, both subtle and overt, that make people turn their heads and take notice. What’s your personal prescription for sensual appeal? Find out below to find out what makes you sexy.

What’s sexiest about the sign of the Scales may not be anything overt. You have refined tastes, after all, and may find blatant displays of sexuality to be a bit crass. But you’re a true romantic, which is a huge part of your sensual appeal. You appreciate beauty, in others as well as in yourself; thus, you put time and effort into maintaining your good looks. In fact, your physical attractiveness may be the first thing a potential admirer notices about you. But you’re far more than just a pretty face or a defined sense of style. You know how to woo someone with your mind — not to mention with tasteful gifts and compliments. Your love of art and other creative pursuits makes for fascinating conversation. Plus, you simply have a way of putting others at ease and making them feel special. You prize peace and harmony in your relationships, and that comes across from the very first “Hello.” Your lover probably adores being seen out on the town with you — you’re a prize, and everyone who sees you knows it!

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