How Sexy Are You, Gemini?

Kelli Fox

Everyone, even the most confident among us, wonders from time to time, “Am I hot or not?” After all, we all want love, acceptance and approval. Being seen as desirable is certainly an ego boost, but it’s more than just that. It can also serve as confirmation that our basic nature is shining through — the energy and essence that define who we are — and that others see and appreciate these qualities. Each sign of the Zodiac comes with its very own prescription for sexual attractiveness — those characteristics, both subtle and overt, that make people turn their heads and take notice. What’s your personal prescription for sensual appeal? Find out below to find out what makes you sexy.

The sign of the Twins is sexiest when you’re working a crowd — laughing, flirting and impressing everyone with your clever bon mots. After all, witty, intellectual Gemini prefers to make a meeting of the minds before engaging in any other area of romance. Just as you desire a lover who can wow you with their intellect, you know just how to dazzle others with yours. You’re a pro at striking up a conversation with an attractive stranger and impressing them with your mind for trivia and knowledge of a wide variety of subjects. Your admirers can’t help but perk up their ears and pay attention. They get caught up in your sparkling eyes, your lively laughter and your quick, agile, gesturing hands. Speaking of which, in the bedroom, those clever hands are one of your greatest assets, and your taste for naughty talk truly whets your sweetheart’s appetite. In fact, if you’re like many Geminis, you may have two sides to your personality — you're talkative, cerebral public face, and a decidedly kinkier private one. Your lover likely finds this dual personality to be maddeningly sexy, indeed!

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