How Sexy Are You, Capricorn?

Kelli Fox

Everyone, even the most confident among us, wonders from time to time, “Am I hot or not?” After all, we all want love, acceptance and approval. Being seen as desirable is certainly an ego boost, but it’s more than just that. It can also serve as confirmation that our basic nature is shining through — the energy and essence that define who we are — and that others see and appreciate these qualities. Each sign of the Zodiac comes with its very own prescription for sexual attractiveness — those characteristics, both subtle and overt, that make people turn their heads and take notice. What’s your personal prescription for sensual appeal? Find out below to find out what makes you sexy.

The sign of the Goat is all about hard work and constant improvement, both a big part of what makes you sexy. Your lover is likely to appreciate you deeply for your trustworthiness, your dedication and your commitment to the relationship as well as to your own life goals. But what’s truly sexy about Capricorn can only come out when you take the time to make that intimate connection with your partner. You have a deeply sensual side, even if you don’t make time for indulging in physical or romantic pleasures very often, seeing these as basically frivolous pursuits. But when you do cut out of work early in order to surprise your sweetheart, wow — you can really knock their socks off, not to mention your own. Your take-charge attitude in life extends to the bedroom, and there’s nothing sexier than a lover who knows what they want and how to get it. When you’re paired up with someone who knows how to tempt and coax you into enjoying yourself — and them — more often, you’re at your relaxed and sexy best.

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