How to Seduce a Taurus

Kelli Fox

You already know we're all different: Some people need a little coaxing to let their hair down, while others like to just go for it -- no preliminaries, no beating around the bush, just straight to the hot stuff they crave. How about that hottie you've been eyeing? Find out whether they're the go-for-it type or the kind that needs a little more finesse before giving in to seduction.

What’s even more interesting, what about that special someone? Wouldn't you like to know their style when it comes to getting hot and heavy? Well, now you can find out! For some naughty and yet oh-so-insightful fun, read about their sign. You'll learn everything you need to know to stoke their fires and satisfy their every erotic craving! 

Taurus makes for an incredibly sensual, seductive lover. But they’re far from undisciplined; they’ll woo their object of their desire slowly and surely, taking the patient, steady approach to reach their goal. And once they reel in the prize, their lover had better prepare for a long, hot night! No erogenous zone will be overlooked, and soft caresses, sweet murmurs and sighs of satisfaction will reign. They might not be imaginative or spontaneous but instead, their lover will enjoy a basic, straightforward sexuality that is marked by incredible endurance. The Bull will take as long as they need to get what they want, and enjoy it thoroughly once they do.

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