Leo Sex Appeal

Kelli Fox

No matter how confident you might be — no matter how popular or how active your dating life — chances are, you’ve wondered, at least once or twice, how sexy you really are. It’s normal and natural to be curious about what other people find attractive about you. Is it something physical, like your gorgeous eyes or your great figure? Sure, that might be what draws someone in, at first. But as they strike up a conversation and begin getting to know you, their growing attraction is based more on your personal qualities, including that basic, essential energy that is, simply, you. Of course, it’s hard to have perspective on your own fundamental nature; good thing your Zodiac sign reveals so much about just what it is that others find appealing in you. What’s the basis of your sex appeal? Read on to find out all about what tempts your admirers most.

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Leo might just be the most passionate. Sure, you’re naturally stylish and physically attractive, but that’s not the source of your sex appeal. No, your sexiness lies in your vibrant energy — your unflagging enthusiasm for life itself. Other people are magnetically drawn to you, as if they want nothing more than to bask in your glow. And when you’re enamored with someone, you treat them like royalty, showering them with gifts and attention. How can they resist such charms? The answer is, they can’t — especially once they get to know the true you, including the vulnerable, devoted heart that lies behind that flashy, bold exterior of yours.

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