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Monthly Horoscope

March 2017

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March begins on an idealistic note, thanks to a conjunction between the optimistic Sun and utopian Neptune on the 1st. It’s a great time for spiritual renewal. Retreating to a quiet place near the water could be remarkably therapeutic. An opposition between excessive Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus on the 2nd could lead to foolish extravagance during the first half of the month. Avoid going on shopping sprees at this impulsive time. When in doubt, it’s better to stick with a boring routine than take a foolhardy risk.

Vain Venus goes retrograde on the 4th, undermining confidence about looks and desirability. Instead of seeking satisfaction from superficial things like status symbols, opt for more profound sources of fulfillment. Communing with nature, following spiritual practices and reading inspirational material can ease feelings of self-consciousness. On the 9th, energetic Mars moves into stabilizing Taurus, making it a good time to pursue moneymaking opportunities and cultivate new business. Going after a highly desirable job could be stimulating.

On the 12th, the Full Moon might mark the sudden end of a regular job. Health problems could also arise at this time; a medical consultation might prove helpful. Instead of obsessing about routines, factor some relaxation into the daily round. If chores fall through the cracks, so be it. There will be plenty of time to attend to these tasks later, when some rest and relaxation has been enjoyed.

Curious Mercury moves into Aries on the 13th, cultivating a pioneering spirit. This is a great time to delve deeply into an unfamiliar subject. Learn as much as possible about current events, cutting-edge technology or emerging trends. On the 25th, a conjunction between the expressive Sun and alluring Venus favors both artistic and romantic pursuits. It’s a great time to start a creative project or embark on an intimate relationship. Mercury in Aries joins independent Uranus on the 20th, paving the way for solo efforts. Instead of asking for permission and waiting for approval, obey a daring impulse. It will be liberating to march to the beat of your own drummer rather than follow the crowd.

The New Moon in Aries on the 27th raises energy and generates excitement. The momentum gained from changing direction will be significant. Get ready for a thrilling rollercoaster ride. Strident Jupiter forms a square to imposing Pluto on the 30th. Trying to impose personal beliefs on others may cause anger and resentment at this tense time; adopting a “live and let live” strategy may be more effective. On the 31st, thoughtful Mercury will move into practical Taurus, creating a sense of grounding and security. This is a good opportunity to create a sensible budget, develop a moneymaking strategy or devise ways of being more resourceful.


On the 2nd, an opposition between extravagant Jupiter and impulsive Uranus warns against taking a loved one for granted; don't make any surprising moves without consulting your best friend or romantic partner. Self-conscious Venus goes retrograde in your sign on the 4th; this is a good time to retreat from public view. Putting less emphasis on your appearance and more focus on your spiritual life could be rewarding. A trine between Mars, your ruling planet, and ambitious Saturn stimulates your pioneer spirit on the 5th; getting an advanced degree or traveling abroad can cultivate career success. Mars moves into your Income Sector on the 9th, making it a good time to pursue moneymaking opportunities.

Competition for a wealthy client or plum position will be stiff. You'll be able to seize this brass ring with a courageous presentation. On the 12th, the Full Moon will rise in your Work Sector; it may be impossible to impress an expert at this stressful time. Instead of going above and beyond the call of duty, it may be better to do the bare minimum. Don't waste valuable energy on someone who cannot be satisfied.

The empowering Sun will move into your sign on the 20th, enhancing your courage, vitality and confidence. This would be a good time to tackle a project you've been dreading for the past few weeks. The New Moon on the 27th favors a makeover. Go on a clothes shopping spree, get a fresh hairstyle or undergo a cosmetic procedure. You should be very pleased with the results.


Venus, your ruling planet, goes retrograde on the 4th, causing you to reconsider some spiritual beliefs. If pursuing a goal no longer makes you happy, build a new dream. Aggressive Mars moves into your sign on the 9th, making it a good time to pursue a bold course of action and promote your agenda. Don't hesitate to challenge a rival who is always trying to outshine you; your pragmatism, patience and persistence will help you prevail. On the 12th, the Full Moon will create tension in your Romance Sector.

A partner's irresponsible spending could drive a wedge between you. Instead of putting up a wall between you, try having a heart-to-heart conversation. The expressive Sun moves into your Seclusion Sector on the 20th. Keep an artistic endeavor under wraps in the early stages. The last thing you want is to have a well-meaning critic deflate your enthusiasm for this work.

A conjunction between the fun-loving Sun and luxurious Venus on the 25th could prompt you to go on a spa retreat. A little rest and relaxation will give you an attractive glow that's hard to resist. The New Moon on the 27th might prompt you to take up a spiritual practice. Creature comforts will be less satisfying than sacred pursuits like prayer, meditation and communing with nature. On the 31st, deliberative Mercury moves into your sign, making it a good time to formulate a self-improvement plan. Start a fitness program, break a bad habit or undergo counselling. You won't regret it.


You'll have a lovely opportunity to show off your artistic skills on the 1st, when the expressive Sun forms a conjunction with creative Neptune. Take this opportunity to submit a writing project to an editor, sell your handiwork to a boutique or find an agent or manager. A trine between bold Mars and accomplished Saturn on the 5th adds strength to a close relationship. If you're single, you should court an accomplished love interest who excites your imagination. Do you have a significant other?

Make a personal sacrifice so your partner can pursue their heart's desire. The authoritative Sun makes a conjunction with Mercury, your ruling planet, on the 6th, prompting people to sit up and take notice when you give professional presentations. This would also be a good time to go on a job interview, ask for a date or put your artwork on display. The Full Moon on the 12th could cause a family quarrel to erupt. You've always been able to see both sides to a story.

Instead of remaining neutral, it would be better to take the side of your best friend or romantic partner who is being questioned by a relative. The New Moon on the 27th is perfect for joining a club or sports team. Not only will you make several new friends, but you could also find love with someone who shares your interests. Mercury moves into your Seclusion Sector on the 31st; keep your thoughts to yourself. Developing a secret plan could give you a leg up on the competition.


Excessive Jupiter opposes impulsive Uranus on the 2nd, warning against making a sudden career change that will disrupt your family life. Be patient and ride out this storm; better opportunities will arrive later in the year. On the 4th, vain Venus goes retrograde in your Professional Sector, prompting you to adopt a lower profile at work. Your humble attitude could earn the respect of an influential executive. Don't be surprised if you gain a big promotion after a narcissistic colleague overplays their hand.

On the 12th, the Full Moon might create tension in your Community Sector. Resist the temptation to make provocative remarks on social media. Otherwise, an important relationship could be destroyed. Thoughtful Mercury enters your Professional Sector on the 13th, favoring detailed career plans. If you're unemployed, send out a slew of job applications.

Improve your interviewing skills. Acquire some high-tech skills. Instead of staying home and waiting for the perfect job, go out and find a position that is worthy of you. The New Moon electrifies your Professional Sector on the 27th. You could be awarded a promotion or high-profile position at this magical time. If you've been thinking of starting your own business, this would be the ideal time to do so. Don't bother following an outmoded template; an inventive approach will pay off handsomely. On the 30th, a square between excessive Jupiter and imposing Pluto may force you to intervene in a quarrel. Don't let a narrow-minded relative heap scorn on your best friend or romantic partner.


March begins on a blissful note, thanks to the Sun, your ruling planet, forming a conjunction with merging Neptune in your Intimacy Sector on the 1st. Your naturally loving nature will be enthusiastically received at this magical time. It's also possible you will receive a windfall in the form of a legal settlement, inheritance or royalty check. On the 9th, dynamic Mars enters your Career Sector, making you more determined than ever to land a dream job. Preparation is half the battle.

Gather impressive work samples, make a list of references and their contact information and practice your interviewing skills. Money could be tight on the 12th, due to a stress-inducing Full Moon. This is not a good time to indulge your love of retail therapy. A square between the Sun and restrictive Saturn on the 17th warns against putting too much emphasis on the physical side of a romantic relationship. The best way to achieve intimacy is by talking and listening to one another.

On the 20th, the Sun moves into your Adventure Sector. Exploring unfamiliar territory, enrolling in an advanced course or starting an ambitious writing project are among the exciting possibilities. The New Moon on the 27th is perfect for taking a last-minute trip for pleasure. Make sure your passport is up-to-date and your luggage is in good working order. Mercury moves into your Career Sector on the 31st, making it a great time to go on job interviews, update your resume or formulate a business plan.


The month begins on a highly romantic note, thanks to a conjunction between the affectionate Sun and idealistic Neptune on the 1st. If you're single, you could meet someone special at a spiritual, artistic or educational event. Are you already in a relationship? Let your partner lavish you with love. Resist being critical of their efforts to impress you.

Fortunately, Mercury, your ruling planet, forms a sextile with perceptive Pluto on the 7th, making you highly attuned to your loved one's needs. Instead of bickering over inconsequential matters, you may feel like your hearts and minds are operating as one. Family life might be stressful on the 12th, when the Full Moon causes an entitled relative to act out. It's important to set healthy boundaries with this individual for your own health and well-being. On the same day, Mercury squares Saturn, suggesting you might have to defend your romantic partner from unkind behavior and unfair attacks.

Use your gift with words to make an eloquent defense of the one you love. Mercury moves into your Intimacy Sector on the 13th, making it a good time to visit a private hideaway with your soulmate. The New Moon on the 27th could bring in a significant windfall from a partnership, inheritance or legal settlement. Use this money to make a down payment on a home or car. On the 31st, Mercury moves into your Adventure Sector, making it a great time to go back to school or plan an overseas trip. Research bargain rates on air fares and hotel rooms.


Don't feel compelled to wait on a demanding person on the 2nd, when excessive Jupiter opposes rebellious Uranus. Giving in to this manipulator's demands will put you on a slippery slope to loss. Keeping this person at arm's length isn't rude; it's wise. Venus, your ruling planet, goes retrograde on the 4th. Seize this opportunity to satisfy your own needs; let the other adults in your life fend for themselves.

On the 5th, an ardent admirer might work hard to win your heart, thanks to a trine between forthright Mars and dedicated Saturn. This union could mark a powerful meeting of the minds. A troublesome secret could come to light on the 12th, due to the Full Moon. If you discover someone hasn't been truthful with you, it's time to cut ties. You can't afford to subject yourself to this deceptive person anymore.

Mental Mercury moves into your Partnership Sector on the 13th, making it easier to discern other people's true motives. A conjunction between communicative Mercury and appreciative Venus on the 18th favors a creative collaboration. Two heads are definitely better than one at this time. On the 25th, a conjunction between the expressive Sun and artistic Venus is ideal for finding an agent, manager or headhunter. The New Moon could mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship on the 27th. News of an engagement or marriage might also arrive. A square between Jupiter and Pluto on the 30th could prompt a reckoning with a bigoted relative or authority figure.


March begins on a thrilling romantic note, thanks to a conjunction between the affectionate Sun and idealistic Neptune on the 1st. You could meet your soul mate at a religious, cultural or artistic gathering. If you're already in love, this would be a lovely opportunity to visit a seaside resort with your partner. On the 7th, flirtatious Mercury makes a sextile to Pluto, your ruling planet; you could get a playful message from an admirer. Aggressive Mars moves into your Partnership Sector on the 9th, urging you to wine and dine the object of your affection.

If you meet someone special on this day, don't let them slip away without getting their phone number. The Full Moon on the 12th could send shock waves through your social circle. A friend's betrayal could put an end to a long-term bond. When it comes to relationships, loyalty is paramount to you. You're not inclined to give a shifty person a second chance.

A square between Mercury and Pluto on the 23rd warns against angry posts to social media. If you can't say anything nice, remain silent during this period of intense scrutiny. An exciting job offer could arrive on the 27th, courtesy of the New Moon. It's also a good time to launch a fitness regimen. On the 30th, a square between Jupiter and Pluto warns against repeating privileged information. Discretion is the better part of valor. Mercury goes into your Partnership Sector on the 31st, making it a great time to sign a contract.


March 1st is best spent on domestic pursuits, thanks to a conjunction between the loving Sun and compassionate Neptune. If you've been thinking of moving, you could find your dream home on this magical day. An opposition between Jupiter, your ruling planet, and impulsive Uranus warns steering a friendship into romantic waters on the 2nd. It's best to keep things platonic with someone who is undeniably attractive. You're both too restless to establish a long-lasting romance.

On the 5th, a trine between dynamic Mars and ambitious Saturn favors creative projects; the first half of the month is terrific for developing your natural talent for writing fiction and playing music. On the 12th, the Full Moon may create drama in your professional life. An authority figure's constant criticism could rub you the wrong way. Resist the temptation to quit your job in a huff. A square between the prideful Sun and restrictive Saturn on the 17th could make unemployment more stressful than expected.

Steer clear of meddling relatives at this time. Mercury's square to Pluto on the 23rd warns against mixing business with pleasure. Lending or borrowing money could do permanent harm to a friendship. On the 27th, the New Moon may create excitement in your love life. If you're single, you could meet someone special at a sporting event or concert. Do you have a committed partner? Schedule a fun vacation for just the two of you. Excessive Jupiter squares forbidding Pluto on the 30th, warning against expensive group outings.


An opposition between excessive Jupiter and rash Uranus on the 2nd warns against overextending yourself on the career front. Spending more time at home is strongly advised in the early days of March, when your family will need you more than your colleagues. On the 5th, dynamic Mars trines Saturn, your ruling planet, suggesting exciting movement in your domestic life. An unexpected gift of money could help you put a down payment on a home or make extensive improvements to an existing property. This greatly appeals to your natural desire to establish a secure foundation for you and your family.

The expressive Sun forms a sextile to powerful Pluto on the 9th, paving the way for some influential friendships during the first half of the month. On the 12th, the Full Moon could create problems with a legal matter. An important ruling could be made against you, causing great disappointment. A square between the Sun and Saturn on the 17th could create excessive worry. Instead of obsessing over things you cannot control, try practicing relaxation techniques, like meditation and guided imagery.

Conquer the pessimistic thinking that sometimes impedes your progress. The New Moon on the 27th may bring an exciting opportunity to buy or sell some property. Moving to a beautiful home that has a distinctive flair is highly recommended. It's also possible you will be adding a romantic partner, child or elderly relative to your household. On the 30th, a square between Jupiter and Pluto warns against power plays at work. A humble attitude will serve you better.


On the 2nd, extravagant Jupiter opposes Uranus, your ruling planet, tempting you to say things you don't mean. Beware of posting angry comments on social media sites. You should also bite your tongue when you feel the urge to make hurtful comments to a loved one. Energetic Mars moves into your Domestic Sector on the 9th. This is an excellent time to launch an ambitious home improvement project.

Relocating to a place known for its natural beauty is another possibility. The Full Moon on the 12th could cause a power struggle to erupt over a joint fund. You might be facing some imposing figures in your quest for this money. If you need the help of a legal professional, ask for recommendations via social media on the 13th. That's when fact-finding Mercury enters your Community Sector.

At this time, someone could give you the name of a talented lawyer who can represent you in a contentious lawsuit. Having good representation can make the difference between success and failure. On the 26th, clever Mercury and ingenious Uranus form a conjunction in your Communication Sector. It's possible you'll be able to strike an unusual settlement on this remarkable day. The New Moon on the 27th is perfect for making a sales pitch, giving a professional presentation or going on a job interview. Flattery may get you everywhere, so don't be afraid to heap your audience with lavish compliments. Shrewd Mercury enters your Domestic Sector on the 31st. Take this opportunity to negotiate a real estate deal, lease or vacation property rental.


On the 1st, the artistic Sun forms a conjunction with Neptune, your ruling planet. Put everything on hold for a creative project that captures your imagination. It doesn't matter if you're writing a novel, making clothes or building furniture; you will feel as though divine inspiration is guiding you. A trine between outgoing Mars and ambitious Saturn on the 5th is ideal for pursuing a high-paying job. If you're already happy where you work, take this opportunity to pursue a prominent client.

Sealing a deal with this person will be the ultimate feather in your cap. The Full Moon on the 12th could cause strain in a close relationship. Career demands could make it difficult to spend quality time with your best friend or romantic partner. A square between the arrogant Sun and forbidding Saturn on the 17th warns against challenging an authority figure. It's best to follow orders and keep your nose to the grindstone during the second half of the month.

The confident Sun moves into your Income Sector on the 20th, helping you attract exciting moneymaking opportunities. Getting paid for your considerable artistic talent will highly satisfying. The New Moon on the 27th is perfect for accepting an unexpected job offer. Any work involving tight deadlines and cutting-edge services is highly desirable. A trine between Mercury and Saturn on the 29th could help you make a good impression on your supervisor or boss. It's a good time to have lunch and discuss future prospects. Don't make any bones about your ambition.

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