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Monthly Horoscope

January 2019

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The festivities of the last few weeks will seem a distant memory as January gets underway. A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5th is a stark reminder that responsibilities loom large – for many of us, this will mark a return to hard work. New Year blues are a distinct possibility for many, especially those working in jobs they do not enjoy.

Help is soon at hand, however, courtesy of Venus’ arrival in optimistic Sagittarius on January 7th. This energy brings new ideas and fresh possibilities. We need focus and concentration in order to make the most of this potential, however, otherwise exciting new plans could remain just that – plans, with no action being taken. It’s important to balance dreams and goals with actual practical steps, and this is underlined on January 13th when a difficult Jupiter-Neptune square promises much but delivers little.

Vagueness evaporates on January 18th when a passionate Venus-Mars trine raises the temperature and gives fiery impetus to love, business and pleasure pursuits. A few days later, the Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon in Leo helps us to find that dramatic flourish which all the best plans need – and this in turn is perfectly timed for the very fortunate Venus-Jupiter conjunction on January 22nd; it’s at this point that brilliant ideas can really take flight.

As January ends, Mercury shifts into Aquarius, which although noted for its innovation is a fixed sign. In the rush for something new and novel, don’t overlook the value of what you already have.

Aries (March 20th - April 19th)

Your creativity and your willingness to take a risk: these two things are what will decide how much you enjoy January. Creativity is the last thing on your mind as the year gets underway and indeed the Solar Eclipse on January 5th may serve as an unpleasant reminder that you are not enjoying your work. Pressure to succeed comes from all directions, but it's hard to succeed when your heart isn't in it. Fortunately, fresh ideas are coming your way. Once Venus arrives in your philosophy zone on January 7th, you will discover a new potential avenue - one in which your freedom to be yourself is much greater.

It's good to feel excited about this but do make sure that you stay realistic too. This new direction is going to be hard work and the Jupiter-Neptune square on January 13th reminds you that you can't just cross your fingers and hope. You must put in the effort and be willing to take the risk. Let your imagination take flight and think laterally to get around any objections. An energizing trine between Venus and Mars on January 18th will boost your enthusiasm and draw out your passion for your new ideas.

There's even a hint here that new love (or newly invigorated love) could come to you via your change of direction - how fabulous would that be? You may get cold feet around January 20th when the Lunar Eclipse Supermoon highlights exactly how much of a risk a new venture is - but just a couple of days later a super-fortunate Venus-Jupiter conjunction proves that you're on the right track.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)

This January is about change and learning to distinguish between what you can and cannot control. A Solar Eclipse in your philosophy zone on January 5th may find you questioning truth and justice in a particularly personal way, perhaps in relation to a family situation or a major case in the news. Take the anger you feel by being rendered helpless and channel it into constructive change. Venus' arrival in your passion zone on January 7th brings healing and a deeper sense of purpose to your closest relationship, but a tense square between Jupiter and Neptune on the 13th suggests that here too, you feel that some things are simply beyond your control. This could cause frustrations in your love life, especially if you have previously tried to mold your partner into something they really are not.

Help is at hand on January 18th when a fiery trine between Venus and Mars brings you the energy and motivation to make the best of the situation. Surrender to your feelings and accept that neither you nor your partner are perfect - and that's OK. A Lunar Eclipse in your home zone on January 20th suggests a change of residence or a need to better balance work and home. This is all to the good, as reinforced by a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction in this same zone on January 22nd - this very fortunate cosmic influence highlights the karmic links in your family relationships and brings a sense of calm around the changes at home.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

Loving vibes this January focus on romance and tenderness, but there's a lot to learn about yourself and your partner too. You're a creature of logic and reason, but it's time now to listen much more to your intuition and instincts. Something which happens around the time of the Solar Eclipse on January 5th will highlight how your inner consciousness knows far more than your conscious mind does. Meanwhile, romance is high on the agenda once Venus arrives in your love zone on January 7th. This is very sweet and appealing energy, but bouncy and energetic with it, like a lovestruck puppy.

Perfect for finding and getting to know a new partner if you're single, or for bringing some fun back into an existing, stable relationship. Watch out for increasing work demands infringing upon your love life, however. When Jupiter and Neptune square up on January 13th, keep your partner on board with your plans through good communication. A passionate Mars-Venus trine on January 18th lights up your love life once again but the Lunar Eclipse a couple of days later reminds you that you still have a lot to learn about what makes your sweetheart tick. Spend time listening to and learning about his or her life goals and aligning them to your own, especially around the 22nd when Venus conjuncts Jupiter in a magical display of mutual support and commitment.

January rounds out with Mercury's arrival in your travel zone - let the journey commence!

Cancer (June 21st - July 21st)

Drama in a relationship gives way to uncertainty at work, but this month's vibes encourage you to roll with it - change happens. A make or break situation in your closest relationship arises around January 5th as the Solar Eclipse falls in your love zone. If you truly want to stay together, you will, but if you have any doubts at all, this is your opportunity to move on. Either way, colleagues and workmates will be a strong source of support to you once Venus shifts into your work zone on January 7th - trust these friends to have your interests at heart. A week later, a muddled and confusing square between Jupiter and Neptune brings changes at work which seem strange or out of place to you.

You're not quite sure what's going on and that sends your anxiety levels into top gear. Try to stay calm and just go along with events for now. A fire trine between Mars and Venus on January 18th promises that you'll see the good in these changes, eventually. Expect a small crisis of confidence around January 20th, when the Lunar Eclipse highlights your self-worth and you find yourself questioning and second guessing your own abilities. Fortunately, a few days later a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your work zone puts you in the spotlight and proves to you - everyone else already knew - that you do have what it takes and that your skills are very valued.

Leo (July 22nd - August 21st)

Are you living your dream? If - like many us - you're not, then this month's vibes will bring you pause for thought and opportunities for change. For a start, getting back to work after the holidays is not easy - and when the Solar Eclipse on January 5th brings a mini crisis at work, you may realize that you're worth more than this. A couple of days later, leisurely Venus shifts into your joy zone and it will become more important than ever to you that you can spend your time doing something you actually enjoy. Think about how your hobbies or under-used skills could translate into extra income or even a totally new direction.

It is possible to do a job that you love. It's not always that simple, however, and around January 13th you may discover that financial and other pressures stand in the way of the changes you would like to make. It's not easy to follow your whims at this time and promises from others are frustratingly vague. Gather up your courage and prepare to go it alone if necessary - because the fire trine on January 18th will show you that change and upheaval can be stimulating as well as scary. It's time to take that leap.

The fast pace of change catches up with you on January 20th with a Lunar Eclipse in your own sign bringing emotions and vulnerabilities to the surface. However, a lovely Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your joy zone on January 22nd reminds you that you're making the right choice. Do more of what makes you smile, no matter what the cost.

Virgo (August 22nd - September 21st)

Tempers may flare over a family situation this January but getting things out into the open will eventually turn out to be a blessing. An angry outburst from you on or around January 5th links to the Solar Eclipse, which has a knack of forcing the issue one way or another. However, a calming and healing vibe will slowly grow once Venus shifts into your home zone on January 7th - with patience, positive improvements in this area can be made. Look out for unhelpful interventions from your extended family, your in-laws or your friends, especially around January 13th when Jupiter squares up to Neptune and well-intentioned actions have unfortunate consequences. Fortunately, any such disruption won't last long: a fiery Venus-Mars trine on January 18th brings healing for any past trauma.

This energy also helps you to understand your own psychology better, so that you can react more appropriately to those who choose to push your buttons. When things are uneasy at home and within the family, it drains your energy for anything else. It's perhaps no surprise then that the Lunar Eclipse on January 20th finds you emotionally and physically exhausted. Get some extra sleep and find some quiet time away from others where you can relax and recharge. All of your efforts and patience will prove to have been worthwhile towards the end of the month, especially following a gorgeous Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your family zone on January 22nd - with the air cleared and wounds patched up, everyone can move forwards with love.

Libra (September 22nd - October 22nd)

It's a bright and breezy start to 2019 for you and this open-minded, open-hearted month should get your year off to a great start. January begins with a Solar Eclipse in your home zone on January 5th, which hints at a long wished-for change of residence or the go ahead for a dramatic change to your living circumstances. On January 7th, sociable Venus shifts into your communication zone, so the month looks set to be the perfect time to make new friends and to expand your social circle. You may not get as much time to socialize as you would like, however, especially in the first half of the month. A tricky square between Jupiter and Neptune suggests extra demands at work which eat into your spare time.

Be aware of your rights at work and don't be bullied into doing more than you can manage. Work pressure will ease a little later in the month and a very positive Venus-Mars trine suggests that dating will be fun, if you're single. Look out for someone you feel an intellectual connection with. A Lunar Eclipse in your community zone on January 20th shows off your leadership skills and gathers more like-minded people around you. This, together with a super Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your communication zone propels you towards a much greater level of social involvement.

As Mercury shifts into your fun zone on January 24th, you may also take up a new creative hobby which brings you into contact with some fantastic people.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

January brings quite a focus on your material wellbeing, your resources and your finances. First of all, however, a Solar Eclipse on January 5th highlights your intellectual abilities - is it time for a new challenge? This would be an excellent month to go back to school. Once Venus arrives in your money zone on January 7th, money will go out a good deal faster than it comes in. A taste for the finer things in life may not be matched by your income!

Be careful here, especially around January 13th when a difficult square between Jupiter and Neptune suggests that risks with money could backfire. Be sure to know your budget and avoid the temptation to try to buy love or affection. Fortunately, a lovely Venus-Mars trine on January 18th sees you in line for a promotion at work or for an increase in your income through some other means. This is swiftly followed by a Lunar Eclipse which puts your career in the spotlight - whether you like that or not! This could seem daunting for a while, but you will be helped by a lucky Venus-Jupiter conjunction on January 22nd which boosts your confidence and increases your earning ability yet again.

January ends with the arrival of Mercury in your family zone, so the last week of the month would be a good time to get back in touch with distant family members or to delve into your family history.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 20th)

Don't be afraid to switch direction this January. Your big ideas can take you places, if you're brave enough. The month begins with what may at first appear to be a financial crisis - a Solar Eclipse in your money zone on January 5th is not great news following the weeks of holiday expenditure. Don't panic. A few days later, Venus shifts into your sign, and this will boost your confidence and help you to face challenges.

Venus also brings out your charm and makes it easier for you to relate to others, so you can expect plenty of support from those around you. A tricky square between Jupiter and Neptune on January 13th puts you at odds with some family members. Mixed messages are possible here, especially from extended family, but try not to take things to heart. A fiery trine between Venus and Mars on the 18th shows how creative thinking could help resolve this situation. Take an emotional risk and be open with how you feel.

On January 20th, a Lunar Eclipse in your adventure zone highlights the need to trust a completely new direction. Have faith in yourself and follow where your instincts lead, even if you never expected to go that way. When Venus conjuncts Jupiter a few days later in your own sign, you'll get a sign that you're on the right path - look for cosmic coincidences or strange events which show that the universe is listening.

Capricorn (December 21st - January 18th)

There's an element of soul searching around you this month, and you may feel slightly unsure about who you are or where you're heading. A Solar Eclipse in your own sign on January 5th is the first sign of this mini identity crisis, and you can expect to have to defend yourself emotionally here. Take advantage of Venus' shift into your spiritual zone a few days later - retreat, withdraw and spend some time alone figuring out your thoughts. You've got this, but you do need space to process your emotions. Be careful with social media around January 13th.

An unhelpful Jupiter-Neptune square could indicate that your privacy is being violated, or perhaps that you've said something unwise which can be twisted and used against you. Step away from the keyboard, put the device down and think several times before posting. A lovely fiery trine between Venus and Mars on January 18th shows that your family are supportive of your need to find out more about your roots and your identity. Something you discover about your past has a lot of meaningful answers for you. On the 20th, a Lunar Eclipse sets you thinking about your closest relationship and you may experience an increasing intensity in your love life.

When Venus conjuncts Jupiter in your secrets zone a few days later, it indicates a possible secret romance or perhaps just joy to be found in the karmic links you and your lover already have.

Aquarius (January 19th - February 17th)

Your relationship with the wider world is in the spotlight this January and there are changes on the way to your friendships and social networks. But first, look out for something unworldly or weird happening around January 5th, when a Solar Eclipse in your spiritual zone highlights something which was previously hidden or secret. Friendship-wise, things start happening on January 7th when Venus shifts into your friendship zone. This influence helps you to meet new people and new faces and encourages the sociable, outward-looking approach which comes so naturally to you. However, a difficult square between Jupiter and Neptune on January 13th suggests that one particular friendship may be draining you or negatively affecting your self-esteem.

Don't hesitate to disconnect from people who are bad for you. On a brighter note, a fiery trine between Venus and Mars on January 18th highlights a situation where you share ideology with a group of friends, coming together to make a positive difference in the world. This would be a perfect time to get involved in a major community or charity project. A Lunar Eclipse in your love zone on January 20th could bring about a make or break moment in your closest relationship, especially if you or your partner have previously been rather selfish. Two days later on January 22nd, however, a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your friendship zone shows how a friendship could turn to love, or how friends rally round to support you with love and kindness when you need it most.

Pisces (February 18th - March 19th)

Do you feel truly at one with who you are? Your challenge this January is to reconcile the real you with the image you feel forced to portray. For a start, a Solar Eclipse on January 5th prevents you from expressing your individuality in some way, and you'll find this curtailment of your freedom hard to bear. Once Venus shifts into your career zone on January 7th, it's all charm and smiles at work, but you have a motive behind all this charm - advancement. In order to work your way up the ladder, you may have to conform to certain expectations.

Events around the 13th highlight how difficult you find this. You're a heart-on-the-sleeve kind of person and projecting a particular image is tricky for you. As Jupiter squares up to Neptune, the mask may slip, and you'll discover that you cannot control what other people think of you. Hang on in there, because a positive trine between your career zone and your money zone on January 18th shows that success is imminent. In order to enjoy this success without sacrificing your identity, you need a radical shake up of the way you approach work.

This comes right on cue via the Lunar Eclipse on January 20th, which enables you to step out of the mold and tread your own path. A couple of days later a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your career zone shows that you've made the right decision. You no longer have to choose between your principles or your future success - congratulations, this is an important step.

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