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Monthly Horoscope

April 2018

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April starts on a low-key note this year. A Mars-Saturn conjunction on April 2nd is a sobering influence; this is where dreams come up against seemingly immovable obstacles. All is not lost, however, because Venus trines Saturn later that week, encouraging practical, sensible decisions over love or money. A week later, on the 15th, there’s a sense of getting back on track – a positive Aries New Moon picks us up, dusts us down and urges us to try again. On the same date, Mercury turns direct in Aries, so taking a risk or a leap of faith should pan out well around this time.

Harness that mid-month positivity but be careful to stay real. When Venus opposes Jupiter on the 17th, rose tinted glasses lead to disappointment. This is compounded by Saturn turning retrograde on the same day, urging us to turn inwards and to examine our own agendas. A few days later, Pluto also turns retrograde, signalling the start of a period of psychological purging or recycling.

This introspective interlude is lightened by the arrival of Venus in flirty Gemini on April 24th, encouraging us to reach out to others in friendship – friendship which may be sorely needed during a very tense Mars-Pluto conjunction on the 26th April. This is dark, aggressive and potentially dangerous energy, so be careful not to over-react. For those who do face a turbulent few days at the end of the month, the healing balm of the Scorpio Full Moon on the 29th April will surely be very welcome.


Feeling stuck in a rut, Aries? Depression and resentment over work and career issues could be difficult to shake off this month, with the 2nd and 26th book-ending the month in potential flashpoints. Try to stay positive and focus on practical decisions which will get you taking action now, rather than later. A helpful Venus-Saturn linkup on the 7th is a good time to start moving ahead, and you should feel brighter and more confident about this around the time of the New Moon on the 15th. It may be time to do some soul searching over exactly how you want to make a living, and what standard of income you're prepared to live with.

Spend the middle of the month thinking deeply about where you want to head, but try to avoid taking any action you can't later undo. It's especially important that you safeguard your finances around the 17th. Happily, the news for your love life is much more positive, especially as the month draws to a close. A party vibe on the 24th is the ideal time for a first date or for renewing the sparkle within your existing relationship. A passionate and intimate Full Moon on the 29th brings a healing and soothing vibe to your partnership, and helps you to deepen your commitment to your lover.


As a general rule, you can be quite dogmatic in your beliefs and principles - but prepare to have these challenged this April. With two key planets turning retrograde, you're being asked to re-think where you stand and what you hold dear. Try not to obsess over being "right" - there are many shades of right, as you're about to discover. A relatively peaceful first half of April brings you some emotional peace, especially around the time of the New Moon on the 15th. Travel looks likely to be important in the first couple of weeks too, especially when connected to either love or money.

However, mid-month is a more challenging period. A difficult Venus-Jupiter opposition on the 17th could prove particularly tricky, especially if your lover is asking you to change or adapt your beliefs or your way of life. Don't promise something you honestly cannot deliver. Around the 24th, when Venus moves into your comfort zone, you'll want to focus on what makes you feel emotionally secure - the tried and trusted. If that's not what your lover wants, there could be more fireworks on the way here.

A very difficult meetup between Mars and Pluto on the 26th indicates a fiery clash over politics, religion or lifestyles; in a relationship, this could be a make or break point. Whatever happens here, however, take comfort from the Full Moon in your love zone on the 29th. Sometimes it really isn't an exaggeration to say that love can heal everything.


April looks set to be a month of psychological adjustment for you, Gemini. You sense that you're being used or manipulated at the beginning of the month, especially on the 2nd - so you must choose between going along with this or calling time. A helpful Venus-Saturn trine on the 7th brings an opportunity to gain greater independence from a thorn in your side, however, so you may be able to ease yourself away gently from whoever is causing the problem. A New Moon on the 15th finds you widening your social circle and building a support network around yourself. This, together with the arrival of Venus in your sign on the 24th suggests that friendships are becoming much more important to you, and that you can rely on your friends now both to stand up for you and to cheer you along.

In your love life, however, difficult energies around the 17th suggest that you are giving too much and receiving too little. By giving in for the sake of a quiet life, you are perpetuating the problems of an uneven relationship. It may be time for a heart to hart chat about where you both stand. Avoid doing this on the 26th though, because angry vibes will cloud reason and you'll end up saying something you later regret. The 29th is a better date for progress in love, as the Full Moon helps to bring about positive changes to your daily habits and routines as a couple.


April is all about learning through relationships, Cancer - so it's time to focus on your love life and to work on any issues you face there. A Mars-Saturn linkup on the 2nd highlights someone's extreme stubbornness. Whether it's you or your other half who is refusing to budge, this lack of compromise is damaging and divisive. You're not the only one who realizes that either - expect a well-meaning intervention from a friend around the 7th. This may or may not help, but at least it brings the issue out into the daylight.

When Saturn and Pluto turn retrograde on the 17th and 22nd respectively, you're likely to face accusations that you're not taking your relationship seriously. Too much fun, too little commitment? You've worked hard to keep the joy and the magic alive in your partnership, so this allegation may sting. Retreat for a few days and think things over. Venus moves into your solitude zone on the 24th, so meditation and reflection will help you a great deal.

Hostile and pretty aggressive energies from Mars and Pluto on the 26th could signal a point of no return in a failing relationship. If things are going nowhere, events on this day are likely to bring that into focus for you like never before. Hang on in there; a beautiful Full Moon on the 29th highlights a fresh start in romance. Whether this is a new relationship, or a new understanding in your existing one, it's a very positive ending to a stressful month. Peace is on its way.


April's key lesson for you, Leo, is that details and rules do matter. You're typically a big picture sign, but your somewhat laissez-faire attitude is not necessarily doing you any favors right now. Let's start with the Mars-Saturn conjunction on the 2nd - this energy is about carelessness, and the anger, frustration or disappointment that it brings. The shock may make you focus much more than previously, especially over your health or your work, and there should be an early reward for this around the 7th, thanks to a helpful intervention from gentle Venus. The New Moon on the 15th is inquisitive, curious, exploratory energy, so don't be surprised if you feel a little restless.

You have plenty to keep your mind busy, but what about your body? Health matters become increasing important as two major planets turn retrograde in your health zone, so set some goals and resolutions and find a way to work healthy new habits into your lifestyle. Your work-life balance is off, as you'll be firmly reminded around the 17th - fixing that will go some way towards improving your mental health, as well as your physical vitality. Expect a setback around the 26th. The Mars-Pluto conjunction brings quite dark energies to the fore, and you may be your own worst enemy at this time.

Don't take your anger out on yourself; seek understanding and care from those who love you the most. Loved ones and family are very keen to rally round you, and the Full Moon on the 29th will show you just how loved and supported you are.


April is about valuing yourself, Virgo, rather than necessarily expecting to receive praise from others. This is particularly true on the 2nd, when recognition you deserve at work is simply not forthcoming. Try not to let this get to you. You know you've done a good job, and that's what counts. If you maintain a positive attitude, you'll find that things improve around the 7th, when you get a creative boost from Venus - new ideas and fresh inspiration at this time will help you to make your mark in a way nobody can deny.

The good news continues with the New Moon on the 15th, which helps you to feel empowered and in control. In love, this energy also signals new intimacy, so if you are single, don't expect to stay that way for long! Don't become arrogant with your new confidence levels, however. When Saturn and Pluto both turn retrograde in your creativity zone on the 17th and 22nd respectively, think pride before a fall. Be humble.

Remember: it's not about getting praise from others. Venus arrives in your career zone on the 24th, making it easy for you to charm your way to success - but again, avoid social climbing for the sake of it. Have some integrity. Angry and jealous energies on the 26th cause a row, especially in a very new relationship or within an illicit affair. Be careful with your motives and intentions. If you're deceiving someone, you can expect to pay the price.


It's all change in the family home this month, so it's important to stay flexible and to allow for a period of family readjustment. April begins on a somewhat angry note, with a Mars-Saturn conjunction suggesting fireworks at home, especially if someone has been less than honest. An argument isn't necessarily bad news, however, and may well clear the air. A helpful trine from Venus to Saturn on the 7th shows that tensions are easing, and a New Moon in your love zone in the 15th highlights emotional and practical support from your lover when it comes to family matters. Unrealistic expectations at home around the 17th may, however, reignite a spark of anger and discontent.

Two major planets, Saturn and Pluto, both turn retrograde in your home and family zone around this time, so it may feel as though you're going backwards rather than forwards. Try to avoid raking up the past, especially with in-laws, seniors or teenage children. Keep your eyes firmly focused on the future. Venus arrives in your adventure zone on the 24th, bringing a burst of creative thought which might help you to get the rest of the family on-board with your ideas and intentions. There's a sense of greater freedom, openness and tolerance, so try to reach an agreement in which everyone feels valued.

Barring a possible flare-up on the 26th, when tempers run high, you should end the month with a sense that the family problem has finally been resolved. It's a good feeling to look ahead with optimism.


An emotional April asks you several key questions, Scorpio. Can you stand up for yourself? And can you become less reliant on others? Expect to face the first question very early on, probably during a tense Mars-Saturn conjunction on the 2nd. Try to stand your ground rather than giving in - you've done more than enough of that in recent months, so now it's time for the other party to give way.

The New Moon on the 15th is perfect for answering the second question. Reorganise your schedules, your routines and your daily way of doing things now, so that you take back power and can get more done yourself, without having to count on those who so often let you down. If your partner is not the most reliable person on the planet, however, tread carefully: doing things yourself is an empowering thing, but not if it gives your other half an excuse to laze around and employ you as a servant! With Venus moving into the most intimate part of your chart on the 24th, passions rise and steamy encounters are something to smile about for sure. Watch out of jealous interludes, however, whether in your own head or directed at you from your lover.

Tense and aggressive energies on the 28th suggest that someone is being used. Is it you? Or are you doing the using? Think carefully. The month ends with an emotionally raw Full Moon in your own sign - again here, you face the choice of standing up for yourself or being treated badly. Enough is enough, no?


April is a month for reassessing your relationship with money, Sagittarius. Although you may have to get by with less, you're learning some positive lessons about what you truly value. It begins with anger over money - or the lack of it - on the 2nd, prompted by a tense Mars-Saturn conjunction. Although helpful Venus briefly brings better financial news around the 7th, it's not enough to change the overall situation and money most likely remains an issue. A New Moon on the 15th seems, on the face of it, to resolve your money woes.

You have a creative idea, or you take a calculated risk designed to make you rich. It's an interesting time to launch a new enterprise of any kind, but you must be realistic about the returns you can expect. Otherwise, tense moments around the 17th set you and your sweetheart at odds over what you've promised, financially, versus what you can deliver. Happily, Venus arrives in your love zone on the 24th, bringing a new understanding over money for your relationship. Understand that what you have together does not depend on the size of the bank balance; you are wealthier than you know in terms of love.

Watch out for a blip on the 26th when you are momentarily swayed by materialism again - but overall, you're ending the month understanding that you can indeed manage with less. An intensely spiritual Full Moon on the 29th underlines this. There's more to life than money!


You're under pressure to follow the crowd this month, Capricorn, but will you? You feel that the world is watching your every move, but that's a good excuse for making every move a good one! The way others see you is highlighted on the 2nd, but you might not be pleased with the image you seem to be portraying. The good news is that it's within your power to change this, and you'll be especially successful in doing so around the 7th, with help from Venus. A very positive New Moon on the 15th brings fresh harmony into the family home, so you can count on the support of your loved ones when things get a bit tougher on the 17th - it's around this time that friends and colleagues will start to push for you to do something you really don't want to do.

With both Saturn and Pluto turning retrograde around this time too, you may feel as though your weaknesses have been exposed and you have nowhere left to hide. Not surprisingly, this puts you in a very bad mood, and this could come to a head on the 26th during a very tense Mars-Pluto conjunction in your sign. Keep calm. Venus once again comes to your aid towards the end of April when she arrives in your daily routines zone and lightens the atmosphere considerably. A Full Moon in your social zone on the 29th suggests crunch time in your relationship with one particular friend - but you'll know who you can afford to cut loose.

Move on without their toxic influence.


April begins with some serious trust issues for you, Aquarius, especially on the 2nd when you are likely to feel anger over a betrayal. Prayer, meditation or journaling will help you to process these emotions - as will patience. The air clears significantly around the 7th, when a family member steps in to help smooth things over. However, this experience will have rocked you, so don't be surprised if you feel a little anxious or unusually timid for a few weeks afterwards. The New Moon on the 15th highlights how keeping busy and learning new things is an excellent distraction for you.

Starting a new venture at this time would be an wonderful idea but be careful that your work-life balance doesn't suffer. On the 17th, a difficult Venus-Jupiter opposition highlights where your lover or your kids may feel left out now that you are so busy. Fortunately, Venus arrives in your dating zone on the 24th, helping you to put the fizz and sparkle back into your relationship - or even to find someone new, if you're single. Niggling doubts or guilt over something which happened a long time ago may upset you during a tense Mars-Pluto conjunction on the 26th, but it's best foot forwards as the month ends - the Full Moon on the 29th suggests that career success is on the way, so get ready to step into the limelight! It's about time!


Some friendships or activities may come to an end in April, Pisces, but you will sense that they have run their course. The focus this month is on cutting out or cutting down on things and people who no longer make you happy. A catalyst for this could be a serious argument among friends or colleagues on the 2nd, provoked by angry Mars. Meanwhile on the 7th an encounter with someone much more on your wavelength shows you how you don't have to stick with the same bunch of people where it's not working. Mid-month is a very psychic time for you, especially during the New Moon on the 15th.

You may find that you can pick up information now through objects or the psychic vibrations in a room. Pay attention to what your gut instincts tell you. It's important to stay honest during the mid-month period, especially at work - the Venus-Jupiter opposition on the 17th warns that you may be caught out if you try to bluff. Although friendship issues remain difficult during the rest of the month, family support is strong around you on the 24th when Venus moves into your family zone, so don't be afraid to challenge friendships head on where necessary. A conjunction between Mars and Pluto on the 26th highlights a situation where what you thought you wanted turns out to be not at all what you imagined.

Cut it loose and move on without a thought. The Full Moon on the 29th urges you to take a leap of faith. Believe that it will be OK and walk away.

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