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February 2018

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Mercury moves into ahead-of-its-time Aquarius as February begins, and the first half of the month is characterized by quick thinking and even quicker actions. On the 10th, there’s an undercurrent of recklessness around, especially when the Aquarius Sun squares up to Jupiter, a planet not known for setting boundaries! Confused thinking in either love or money could prove problematic, however, especially when Venus moves into Pisces on the same day. A slightly passive undertone here is not helpful in situations which require decisive action.

The energy levels are likely to reach a peak with the rather hyper Aquarius Solar Eclipse on the 15th. Expect things to slow down thereafter, but many of us will quickly discover that slower is not necessarily better. A difficult Mars-Neptune square on the 17th hints at scandal and suspicion; on the same day, Mercury moves into Pisces, where rational thought tends to get bogged down in emotions and fears. Communication is likely to be difficult mid-month, and unspoken accusations may hang heavy in the air.

There’s better news for lovers on the 21st, when a beautiful Venus-Neptune conjunction spins a fairytale for all to enjoy. Here is magic, inspiration, romance and poetry aplenty. It won’t necessarily last, as a few days later Mars and Venus square up in a battle of wills over love and/or money. However, if we try hard to keep the tenderness alive, then this can easily be overcome with the right words and the right intentions.


If people are being a little off with you this month, Aries, don't assume that they are at fault. It could, just possibly, be you. With Venus moving into Pisces on the 10th, you're being a little passive aggressive. It will be easier to get along with people if you take a step back. Allow others to dictate the pace, and go along with what they suggest.

You can still lead, but do it from behind the scenes. For example, the Solar Eclipse on the 15th is perfect for showcasing one of your innovative ideas - but allowing colleagues to take some of the credit would be tactful and helpful at this time. Keeping a lower profile is sensible in the second half of the month in any case. Secrets are in the spotlight on the 17th, and a tricky square between deceitful Neptune and aggressive Mars, your ruling planet, could see someone speaking out of turn or breaking your confidence. Stay calm.

The more fuss you make, the longer everyone will be talking about it! With Mercury moving into this zone of your chart on the same day, keep your own counsel. Reflect on last week, last month and last year and gain peace through meditation or prayer. Your closest relationship gets a boost on the 21st, when Venus and Neptune create a beautiful conjunction in the most spiritual zone of your chart. You may feel an especially close soul bond with your lover at this time; it's a wonderful moment for exploring your past lives together. Discover more about how you are linked through time and through the universe.


Career matters get a boost right from the start this month, with intelligent Mercury moving into your career zone on the 1st. Between then and the Solar Eclipse on the 15th, you should have plenty of opportunities to promote yourself and your talents, and to get yourself noticed at work for all the right reasons. This does mean hard work and long hours, however, which may not make your lover very happy - a tense square between the Sun and Jupiter on the 10th suggests that compromise over your work life balance could be difficult. From mid-month onwards, guard your reputation at all costs. Mars goes onto the war path against secretive Neptune on the 17th; jealousy from colleagues or spite from an ex could show up now as smears against you or unfounded accusations.

Not pleasant and not a lot of fun to deal with, but hold your head up high and have confidence that the truth will come out. On a more pleasant note, the second half of February looks to be a very enriching time for your social life. On the 17th, Mercury moves into your friendship zone, as does the Sun on the 18th, shining a light on new contacts and new faces. Reach out to the world and form new alliances and new bonds, whether personally or professionally. If you're single, there's even the chance that one such new encounter could lead to romance.

On the 21st, a conjunction between romantic Venus and ethereal Neptune in your friendship zone is certainly an intriguing one to watch!


Got itchy feet, Gemini? The early February arrival of Mercury, your ruling planet, in your travel zone is sure to make the walls close in if you can't get out and about as much as you would like to. If you can, take a break or make a journey somewhere, fantastic. If you can't, don't be surprised to find yourself increasing dissatisfied with your daily grind. Fortunately, the Solar Eclipse on the15th should help you take flight, if only metaphorically.

Restlessness should ease after that. Good career progress in the second half of the month helps to lift your spirits. Mercury and the Sun both move into your career zone during the third week of February, so you are likely to be at your articulate and communicative best. If you're making plans to change jobs, however, do talk to your sweetheart about it. On the 17th, a difficult square between Mars and Neptune pits your love zone against your career zone, so it won't help if your lover feels out of the loop or not part of your decision-making process.

In business, watch out for a deceptive Venus-Neptune conjunction on the 21st. For many signs this aspect spells romance - but for you, this time round at least, it's a warning to not fall in love too quickly with a deal which isn't right for you. Be sure to analyze the details. Get expert advice. Don't sign on the dotted line without truly knowing what you're letting yourself in for!


Your relationship requires kid gloves this month, Cancer. February begins with flirtatious Mercury spicing up your sex zone, so it should be a fun time if you're single. If you're not, however, then be careful. On the 10th, a tense square between the Sun and excessive Jupiter suggests that it's all too easy to stray this month - or to suspect that your sweetheart is straying instead. The Solar Eclipse on the 15th gives you the chance to clear the air, so talk things over.

In all likelihood everything is fine, but jealousy and suspicion should not be allowed to fester. Meanwhile, Venus works some magic in your work and social life, arriving in your travel zone on the 10th. You'll probably find it easy now to charm your colleagues, and it's certainly a good time for job interviews. If you do want to change jobs, think about your current qualifications. Don't be surprised to find that something more is expected of you, especially around the 17th, when a confusing Mars-Neptune square muddies the waters about your work-related responsibilities.

The second half of February is an ideal time for training and learning. Mercury moves into your education zone on the 17th, swiftly followed by the Sun on the 18th; you should find learning a breeze, and you'll enjoy it too. Venus and Neptune get into the mix on the 21st, so a new course of some kind might inspire you more than you thought possible. Could there be a change of direction in the works? Quite possibly. See where your learning takes you.


Love is February's central theme for you, Leo - but before you get over-excited, know that too much intensity can be a bad thing! Mercury arrives in your love zone as the month gets underway, reinforcing the intellectual and spiritual connection between you and your partner. There are likely to be some family pressures early in the month, hindering the amount of quality time you can spend together - but once Venus moves into your passion zone on the 10th, the temperature hots up nicely. A Solar Eclipse in your love zone mid-month is the ideal time for a romantic proposal, a getaway or a new beginning. Thereafter, however, things may just get a little too hot to handle.

In the second half of the month, the focus shifts to your sex and passion zones, where Mars and Neptune go head to head on the 17th in a contest to see who can be the most troublesome. Lies, suspicions, jealousy and doubt all swirl around your relationship at this time; some feelings based on fact, many others based on nothing at all. There's a very real danger of over-reacting here. Be sure you have your facts straight before you act. Fortunately, Venus rides to the rescue around the 21st, forming a calming, almost spiritual conjunction with Neptune in one of the most secretive and intimate parts of your chart.

Use this energy to stop the blame game in its tracks, and to remind yourself why you fell in love in the first place.


The first half of February is all about your health and wellbeing. Mercury moves into your health zone as soon as the month begins. From here, your ruling planet helps you to make intelligent lifestyle choices and positive fresh starts. Ditch bad habits and set up healthy new ones. As you head towards the Solar Eclipse on the 15th, also in your health zone, you'll start to feel that you're making progress in this area.

Keep on keeping on! Mid-month, you may need to tread carefully between your blood family and your sweetheart. A difficult square on the 17th between Mars and Neptune suggests that these two factions of your life are most definitely not seeing eye to eye, and you may be called upon to mediate, or to take sides. Fortunately, on the same day, Mercury moves into your love zone, so you will be able to make intelligent decisions and to talk a good talk - perfect for getting yourself out of this tricky no-win situation! The rest of the month looks like smooth sailing for you love life.

A particularly beautiful energy is created by a Venus-Neptune conjunction on the 21st, which lights up your life with romance and sweet tenderness. From this day onwards, loving words and gentle whispers are your strength and your salvation. Turn to your sweetheart for support and encouragement at work, at home and everywhere else in between.


Surround yourself with beautiful things this February, to soothe your soul and to light your creative spark. The arts and all things creative are very important at the beginning of the month, with Mercury arriving in your pleasure zone on February 1st. It's the ideal time to take up a new hobby or artistic pursuit. Give yourself an outlet which isn't work or family related, preferably something where you create or make beautiful things. Beauty of another kind is likely to be on your mind around the 10th, when Venus, your ruling planet, moves into health zone.

You may be preoccupied with your image at this time, so by all means enjoy a makeover or experiment with a different look. Health goes hand in hand with beauty, however, so don't forget to work on your physical and mental health as well as your more superficial appearance. After a relaxing first half to the month, it's back to work in the second half of February. Mercury enters your everyday work zone on February 17th, so look to make improvements in your efficiency at work. Can you streamline things to save time?

Maybe you could create a new system which works better, faster and more accurately than what you have now? When Venus conjuncts Neptune on the 21st, comfort at work becomes an important theme - make sure your working conditions are safe and sanitary.


Family matters are front and center for you this month, Scorpio. February 1st sees the arrival of communicative Mercury into your family zone, so difficult conversations should be easier to have. Talking things through is important, especially if you have a troubled teen or you're caring for a senior relative. Make sure that everyone knows where they stand. You can all pull together well as a family now, but it's vital that no one member feels overwhelmed or put upon.

A Solar Eclipse in your family zone on the 15th should help to clarify things. By mid-February, Venus, Mercury and the Sun will all have moved into your pleasure zone. Finding time to relax is very important during the second half of the month. You can't keep on taking on more and more responsibility but not have an outlet somewhere where you can just be you. Create time for your own hobbies and interests, whatever they may be.

In order to keep giving to others, you will need to give to yourself for a while. Relationships get a boost from the 17th onwards, when Mercury moves into your dating zone. In an established relationship, look to reignite the spark. Not that hard if you try! If you're single and looking for love, a spectacular conjunction between Venus and Neptune on the 21st could signify a mysterious encounter which goes on to become highly significant. Look out for someone weird who turns out to be someone rather wonderful!


Your mind is on turbo boost as February begins - this is likely to be a fantastic month for solving intellectual challenges, and for getting things done. With Mercury now in your thinking zone, you're being decisive and forthright, making good calls and wasting no time. From your business life to your personal life, there's a bright and optimistic vibe, with lots of laughter and friendliness. A Solar Eclipse in your communication zone on the 15th will help you to make an excellent first impression where it really matters. There's a change of tone mid-month, as Venus, Mercury and the Sun all head into your roots and ancestry zone.

This is the part of your chart which governs family and domestic matters, but it also concerns your attitude towards the past. Expect to feel nostalgic as you look backwards. It's important not to forget how far you've come. Count your current blessings at the same time as fondly remembering your past ones. It's a good time to look into your family history, and perhaps to re-visit some childhood haunts too.

Be aware that one troublesome issue from the past may prove hard to shake out of your thoughts towards the end of the month. A Venus-Neptune conjunction in this zone of your chart may create unreliable memories, or a sense of guilt. A few days later, on the 25th, Venus squares up to Mars; with Mars currently transiting your identity zone, there's a sense that you may forget who you are now if you're so busy chasing the ghosts of your past.


Your challenge this February is to stay rational and to not allow emotions to sway your decisions. Mercury arrives in your money zone on the 1st, which you might think would help in this regard. Yes. And no. Because your emotional connection to your finances is so strong - you feel safe when you have money, and unsafe when you don't - it's not easy for you to use Mercury's energies to their best.

Avoid becoming too restrictive with your money, or conversely, too generous. Try to maintain a steady pace of both spending and saving. The Solar Eclipse in your money zone on the 15th will help you get this thorny issue under better control. From mid-month onwards, Mercury moves into your communication zone, so spend a few weeks getting in touch with people you've been neglecting. Long lost family members will be delighted to hear from you, as will old school friends and your long-ago-but-never-forgotten crush.

It's a light-hearted couple of weeks, and you'll enjoy attending social events or get-togethers. Come out of your shell and meet some new people! One slight note of caution: be careful with your words around the 25th. A difficult square between Venus and Mars hints at miscommunications around either love or money. Say what you mean - attempts to be tactful or secretive are likely to backfire at this time. Open, honest and straightforward communication is a much better idea.


February begins with a lot of planetary activity in your own sign, Aquarius - a sure sign that your identity is strong and that you're making your mark in the world. Intellectual Mercury arrives in Aquarius on the 1st, boosting your original and inventive ideas and helping you to communicate them better than you can sometimes manage. Watch out for where your ego gets in the way of progress, however, especially around the 10th. Here, the Sun in your sign squares up to excessive Jupiter in your career zone; you may be talking a good talk, but be sure you can walk the walk if someone challenges you to prove yourself. This is not a time for bluffing.

Following the Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 15th, you have a real spring in your step. Just as well: you may need it. Money issues start to become troublesome on the 17th, when aggressive Mars squares up to Neptune, currently in long term residence in your money zone. There's confusion or deception here. Read the small print and get expert advice - you don't always know best!

Fortunately, the trouble passes quite quickly. With Mercury, the Sun and Venus now all transiting your money zone, you can look forward to an increase in income - or at the very least, you'll start to feel wealthier. This zone of your chart covers not only material income, but also values. Even if money is thin on the ground, your gratitude for your many other blessings will start to attract better and better things into your life.


February often marks a kind of spiritual New Year for you, Pisces, as various planets start to head towards your sign. This year, thoughtful Mercury arrives in your spiritual zone on February 1st, setting the tone for a quiet and reflective couple of weeks. Between now and the Solar Eclipse, also in this zone, on the 15th, you have a chance to hunker down and rest. If life seems slow, embrace the space this creates for you. There's a beauty and a serenity in this pause, if only you choose to enjoy it.

As the month proceeds, the pace gradually picks up. It starts with Venus arriving in your sign, on the 10th, giving your charm a boost and making you feel a little more sociable. By the 18th, Venus will have been joined by both Mercury and the Sun, and your New Year has begun. This should be a confident period of time for you, and it's perfect for pushing yourself forward at work. Tell the world about your talents.

Be your own biggest fan. It's about time! If you're single and looking for love, the annual meetup of Venus and Neptune could mark a turning point for you. This conjunction occurs in your sign on the 21st - a date to remember, perhaps! If you're already in love, this influence is magical and slightly mysterious too, adding an ethereal and romantic air to your relationship. Use its energy to shore up what you already have, and to cement your soul bond together.

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