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October 2018

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October this year is a time for reflection and repair for most signs. Powerful energies bring forceful opinions and actions to the fore, prompting each of us to figure out how to protect ourselves from such aggression. A prime example is the Mercury-Pluto square on October 2nd, where obsessive, fixed, dogmatic opinions on all sides can create a very tense atmosphere indeed.

Interpersonal relationships are in the spotlight, especially once Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th. This is a chance to rekindle old relationships, if desired, or to finally address, confront and heal the issues remaining from previous toxic encounters. A gentle Libra New Moon on the 8th helps here, as does the arrival of Mercury in deep-thinking Scorpio on October 9th.

It’s not long before tensions rise again, however, and many of us will come into conflict with authority figure, rules, regulations or the powers that be towards the middle of October. On the 12th, a difficult square between the Sun and Pluto highlights a blockage of this nature. A week later, Mercury brings mixed messages on the 19th, offering both inspiration via a trine to Neptune and anger via a square to Mars in Aquarius. Idealism may suffer here, as the difference between what is desired and what is possible becomes clearer than ever.

The final week of October brings the chance to heal from such bruising encounters, under the earthy influence of a Taurus Full Moon. This is a time for seeking closure and for repairing damage done. The month closes with the promise of breezier, lighter energy, as Mercury moves into adventurous Sagittarius.

Aries (March 20th - April 19th)

Relationships and intimacy are your key focus this October. Potential conflict over your working life versus your personal life is a recurring theme, so you may find yourself having to justify to your partner how much time you spend working. Once Venus turns retrograde on October 5th, some deep thinking will be needed about how to handle this sensitive matter. Try to approach it with an open and honest heart. The days between the 8th and 10th October are likely to be your best opportunity to find a compromise with your sweetheart.

A sweet Libra New Moon here is followed by the arrival of Mercury in Scorpio, helping you to express your deepest feelings with sincerity and tenderness. Be prepared for initial resistance to your ideas, however, as a tense square on the 12th suggests that the powers that be may prevent you resolving this matter as you might have wished. Late October is a good time to share your dreams with your sweetheart; if you can both work towards the same shared vision, that will help to mitigate some of the work-related issues. A Mercury-Neptune trine on the 19th is helpful for this but watch out for anger or resentment creeping in at the edges. By the time October fades, this conflict and interpersonal tension starts to melt away.

A very positive Full Moon on October 24th helps you to focus on what matters most to you, while the arrival of Mercury in your philosophy zone on October 31st lightens the atmosphere considerably.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)

Realism is important this October. You are a grounded, normally sensible earth sign, but there are indications that this month you're not harnessing your ideas in as practical a manner as normal, and this can lead to disappointment and lost idealism. The Mercury-Pluto square on October 2nd highlights a particularly difficult instance of dreams and reality not quite matching up. What can you do about that? Your ideas will get a practical boost on October 8th, thanks to an airy Libra New Moon; with Mercury arriving in your love zone the following day, your sweetheart or other loved ones could be a big help to you with your plans.

Don't expect much support from authority figures, however, especially around October 19th when someone wants to put you in your place. An obstructive boss or negative business partner can easily drag you down, but timing is important: know when to push ahead and when to hold back. If you're in a happy relationship, you have a chance to deepen your love yet further this month, especially when Venus, your ruling planet, turns retrograde in your love zone on the 5th. Reflect on happy memories together and relive your shared past. If you're single, this is not, however, an ideal time for dating, as too much is left unsaid.

The final week of October does seem especially loving, with a beautiful Full Moon in your own sign underlining and refreshing the strength in your closest, most special relationship.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

Your confidence levels are high this October, which is good to see. However, be careful not to know your limits. When it comes to risk-taking, especially any kind of financial risk, you should seek expert advice rather than relying on your own knowledge. This is particularly true on October 2nd, when a difficult Mercury-Pluto square may inflate your own sense of competence in a very complex matter. Taking care of your health, both mental and physical, should be another priority this month.

Once Venus turns retrograde in your health zone on October 5th, you have the chance to re-think any unhealthy habits or negative self-talk. This early stage of the month is an excellent time for therapy of any kind, and for alternative treatments. You'll especially enjoy artistic therapy or creative hobbies around the New Moon on October 8th. Very positive career-related news is heading your way around October 19th, but it may come with a hidden sting - one which is very much self-inflicted. Your inner fears may hold you back from taking this excellent opportunity and even though you know it, you struggle to overcome these self-imposed limitations.

Fortunately, the Full Moon on October 24th falls in your health zone and encourages you to face these anxieties head on. By doing so, you can beat them - and you have plenty of support around you when you need it. Once Mercury arrives in your love zone on October 31st, you'll feel on top of the world and able to take on any challenge.

Cancer (June 21st - July 21st)

Adopting a can-do approach will see you safely through October's variable influences. There are some de-stabilizing moments, most likely involving conflict between yourself and your in-laws, or your partner and your blood family. These come to a head on October 2nd, fuelled by a difficult Mercury-Pluto square which puts up barriers to communication, and again on October 12th when it's the Sun's turn to square up to Pluto. On both occasions, staying calm will help. A positive and diplomatic New Moon on October 8th will help you to find a truce.

Away from your love life and family life, the emphasis is on your creative talents. Venus turns retrograde in your creative zone on October 5th, prompting you to find new outlets for your ideas and your abilities. Take up a new hobby or join friends and colleagues to work on something artistic. You may face some blocks around October 19th when a lack of resources - perhaps time rather than money - means you cannot do as much as you would wish. Nonetheless, keep the dream alive and keep plugging away at it.

The Sun moves into your creative zone on October 23rd, so positivity here will quickly return. October draws to a close with a helpful Full Moon on October 24th, in your social zone. Seeking new friends and fresh company is important now, but don't be surprised if you face resistance from your "old" companions. Some people don't want you to move on, but you must do what feels right at the time.

Leo (July 22nd - August 21st)

Success this October is all about getting your message across: being clear in what you want to say and saying it well. Colleagues may be jealous of your success, however, and this could lead to some conflict. Watch out for such tensions on October 2nd, when Mercury squares up to Pluto and your words could easily be used against you. A similar issue comes up on October 12th, when the Sun squares up to Pluto, but you'll be wiser to events at that point and able to head off the threat more easily. Communication is important at home too.

When Venus turns retrograde in your family zone on October 5th, it's a chance to look back at family history and to heal rifts from the past. A positive New Moon in your communication zone on October 8th will help you to reach out to more distant family members, whether the distance is geographic or emotional. Messenger Mercury moves into your family zone the following day, further boosting your message of reconciliation. Overall, family matters bring you a lot of joy this October, but mixed messages within the family could be creating tensions around October 19th. Try to make sure people are being honest with one another.

Towards the end of the month, your career comes back into focus, with an ambitious Full Moon on October 24th. Positive career news is on the way, but it may come with some strings attached - it's important to balance your career progress against your family's wellbeing at this time.

Virgo (August 22nd - September 21st)

Managing your resources properly - both time and money - is essential as October gets underway. A tense Mercury-Pluto square on October 2nd highlights where someone is demanding far too much from you. Don't feel guilty for saying no. In fact, don't feel bad about limiting your social interaction in many ways during the first half of the month. As Venus turns retrograde on October 5th, you'll benefit from peace, quiet and privacy rather than the social conveyor belt.

The New Moon in your money zone on October 8th is promising, and with Mercury arriving in your communication zone the following day, this could be a good time to launch a business, go self-employed or promote your talents. Be careful to stick to a budget still, however. The urge to over-spend will be strong, especially around October 12th when the Sun squares Pluto. If you are taking new steps in your business or career, don't forget to keep communicating. Keep your family and loved ones informed and enable them to share your dreams.

Be clear about where you're heading, because mixed messages on October 19th could cause your loved ones unnecessary stress. There are exciting times ahead, however, and the Full Moon on October 24th activates the travel zone of your chart. New horizons beckon, whether you're literally traveling or simply expanding your horizons. The arrival of Mercury in your family zone on October 31st should ensure that you can persuade your family to embrace the idea too.

Libra (September 22nd - October 22nd)

October this year is all about recognising your inherent talents and abilities - and making the most of them! Don't be surprised if you start the month feeling a little bit insecure. A difficult Mercury-Pluto square on October 2nd highlights your fragile self-esteem, and Venus turning retrograde shortly afterwards in your resources zone will make you doubt whether you have what it takes. Family members can't be relied up on for support just now, and indeed they may form part of the problem, especially around October 12th, with jealous comments cutting deep. However, a New Moon in your own sign on October 8th is an energy which brings you greater courage and which helps you to discover talents and abilities you could better use.

Start thinking about how your talents could contribute to your income - maybe it's time to kick start a side hustle, or even to turn full time self-employed. Wobbles over such a big decision are inevitable, especially around October 19th - but the Full Moon on October 24th proves to you that yes, you can do this. Spend the final week of October making plans to showcase your abilities. Once Mercury arrives in your communication zone, on October 31st, you should be perfectly placed to take the world by storm. Rising confidence and your innate social skills combine to show those around you exactly how impressive you can be.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

Where are you, spiritually, Scorpio? How far along your spiritual journey are you? What should you do next? These issues preoccupy you throughout October. A difficult Mercury-Pluto square on October 2nd prompts some soul searching over how you work with your soul group, and when Venus turns retrograde in your own sign on October 5th, you'll question your spiritual values.

However, the New Moon on October 8th occurs in your spiritual zone, giving you fresh insight and enthusiasm for the discoveries you must make. Towards the middle of the month, your spiritual or ethical beliefs may bring you into conflict with others. Authority figures won't like what you're doing on October 12th, and on the 19th it could be family members who struggle to understand you, heaping criticism and doubt onto your plans and your ideals. Ignore them. You have a creative streak going on which means that you can see clearly what lies ahead and you can inspire others to join you, through art, words, music or drama.

Once the Sun arrives in Scorpio on October 23rd, your power can barely be beaten. At the height of your powers, your thoughts will turn to romance. A beautifully sensitive Full Moon in your love zone on October 24th helps you to get in touch with your emotions; whether you are single and looking for love or happily attached and looking to deepen your relationship, this should be a day to remember.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 20th)

Being expected or required to fit in causes you some angst this October, as you would much prefer to go your own way and do your own thing. Watch out for conflict on October 2nd and 12th, both occasions when your desire for freedom and individuality conflict with what society or work requires of you. You're also feeling the need for more privacy than normal, especially after October 5th when Venus turns retrograde in your privacy zone - so don't feel that you must socialize if you don't feel like it. It's OK to decline. Mid month brings greater clarity to your ideas and goals.

A helpful New Moon on October 8th helps you to plan ahead with a broad vision of where you're going. Support from family and loved ones is very evident on October 19th and you should find it easy at that time to sell your dreams to others, inspiring them to follow and assist you. Use this power wisely! Late October is a time for reflection and some more solitude where possible. The Sun arrives in the most spiritual zone of your chart on October 23rd and is swiftly followed by a Full Moon the next day, both of which suggest that it would benefit you to get away from the daily grind and out into nature to refresh, recharge and boost your spirit.

Once Mercury arrives in your own sign on October 31st, you'll hopefully feel revitalized and ready to do business once more.

Capricorn (December 21st - January 18th)

Get set for a hard-working October which should see lots of progress being made towards your professional and personal goals. However, don't expect those goals to remain set in stone - there's a state of flux here over what you really, truly want, especially around October 2nd and 12th, where you may have to shift your ideas or choose a different path. Venus turns retrograde in one of the big picture areas of your chart on October 5th, so there's a lot of thinking to be done around your future direction. The New Moon in your ambition zone on October 8th will start to crystalize your strategy. Financial issues could prove problematic mid-month, especially around October 19th.

Here, a Mercury-Neptune trine suggests that you're not seeing money matters clearly - get expert advice if at all possible. The Full Moon on October 24th falls in your risk zone, so expect to make a choice between a safer option and a riskier but potentially much more rewarding one. Seek counsel and wisdom from friends and family, as others who care for you have valuable insight to offer. During the final week of October, be sure to make some time for leisure pursuits as well as work. The month rounds out with Mercury arriving in your privacy zone on October 31st, but ahead of that you'll want to socialize and have some fun; you've worked hard all month, so you definitely deserve a short break.

Aquarius (January 19th - February 17th)

October looks set to be a very educational month for you, Aquarius. At some points, your desire to learn is held back by self-doubt or a nagging feeling that you're not good enough - watch out for this especially on October 2nd and October 12th, when Pluto squares up against Mercury and the Sun respectively, creating psychological obstacles you must overcome. Overall, however, you're excited to be starting a new course or training of some kind, and the New Moon in your education zone on October 8th is especially promising. It's an excellent time to go back to school. Education is education, and even learning for fun will be very satisfying and enjoyable this month.

However, some of this learning is no doubt career-related or vocational, and this could pay off quickly. Around October 19th, expect some good career related news or at the very least an increase in pay; watch out again for fear of a challenge here which may momentarily cause you to doubt your ability to handle these new circumstances. You can do this! Confidence will return on October 23rd, when the Sun shifts into your career zone. Ambitions run high from that point onwards, especially around the Full Moon on October 24th.

Be sure that your family and loved ones are on board with your plans, however. If you're going to make progress, some family time may need to be sacrificed. Discuss this carefully with those you love the most.

Pisces (February 18th - March 19th)

October brings mixed fortunes for your sign, Pisces. The month begins on a rather jealous, even toxic note, with a very tense square between Mercury and Pluto. Difficult relationships may become impossible under this influence. Anything illicit is likely to be brought out into the open, and again on October 12th, so you'd be well advised to be scrupulously honest in your dealings at this time. Emotional turmoil accompanies this first week, which may be very draining.

Fortunately, a New Moon in your psychology zone on October 8th will help you to take a more objective view of the situation. From October 19th onwards, the focus shifts to a much more positive and outward looking vibe. Travel is important for broadening your horizons, so make an effort to get out and about, even if only locally. The Sun arrives in your exploration zone on October 23rd, making it doubly important that you come out of your comfort zone and see some new things. If you can't actually travel very far, indulge your curiosity with travel or nature documentaries, or research things of interest online.

Armchair travel and education can be very satisfying too. The Full Moon on October 24th is in your communication zone, so this is a brilliant time for persuading others to join your plans. Once Mercury arrives in your career zone on October 31st, you'll have some exciting changes to look forward to, so think now about making sure everyone else in on-board with your plans.

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