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Monthly Horoscope

June 2018

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Following a rather heavy-going May, much of June’s planetary energy is light, creative and fun, so for many of us it’s a time to shake off the stress and to enjoy some of life’s pleasures instead. Gentle Venus kicks off proceedings on June 1st and 2nd with two lovely trines, first to Jupiter in Scorpio and then to Neptune in Pisces. This energy allows imagination to flow freely and brings a spiritual edge to everyday activity too. Venus switches to a darker mood on June 5th however, in opposition to Pluto – this is a day to be careful of dangerous liaisons, illicit love affairs and unhealthy obsessions.

Mid-June is a fun interlude with lots to offer for those who like to party. Mercury arrives in Cancer on June 12th, helping us to speak from the heart and to engage those around us with honesty and sincerity. The Gemini New Moon on June 13th is a flirtatious vibe, perfect for meeting new people, dating or attending special social events. On the same day, Venus sashays into Leo, sprinkling some showbiz glitter over affairs of the heart and reminding us all that it’s OK to be creative, generous and larger than life.

Neptune turns retrograde on June 18th, so this is a moment to watch out for fakery, scams and invasions of privacy. A combative air on June 21st comes courtesy of the Venus-Mars opposition, which stretches some relationships but adds spice to others. Once Mars turns retrograde on June 26th, however, there’s a pause in the energy. Instead of acting, think. It’s particularly important at this time to re-evaluate your approach to controversial or uncomfortable subjects. June does draw to a close on a more serious and sober note, given the Capricorn Full Moon on the 28th – but it will have been a fun ride for most of us along the way.


Time to fix your work-life balance, Aries. Look at creative ways of being able to spend less time working and more time with your nearest and dearest. A difficult Venus-Pluto opposition on June 5th suggests that you may be becoming rather obsessed with success, at a cost to your family. Make a resolution to put work second for the next few weeks - if necessary, delegate some of your work to a colleague and explain why. With Mercury moving into your family zone on June 12th, you should be able to find some time saving opportunities which will help you get the most from this period.

Mid-June is a lovely time for a vacation if you can arrange it. The New Moon on June 13th highlights your communication skills, so maybe you can talk your way into some extra time off. On the same day, Venus moves into the most creative and fun-loving zone of your chart, so it's time to kick back and to have some fun. Indulge your inner child. If you're single, this is also a very passionate and flirtatious vibe, so get your dating shoes on and head out to sparkle!

By the time June ends, work beckons once more, and a Full Moon in your career zone on June 28th suggests that you'll be pitched straight back into a mini crisis of some kind. However, you thrive under this kind of pressure, so having spent time with the family earlier in the month, you'll relish a new challenge.


The first few days of June are a special time for a love relationship - two beautiful trines involving Venus put the emphasis on shared communication, shared dreams and a shared karmic past too. If you're single, don't be surprised if someone you meet at this time feels immediately like a long-lost friend. If you're not single, however, beware of an old flame coming back into your life around June 5th. Their reappearance could open old wounds for both you and your current partner, especially if you still feel wronged or feel tempted to chase after your ex to get justice. Steer well clear.

The New Moon on June 13th brings good news about money, and there's a possibility here that you may be able to set up a new business or side venture of some kind too. Investigate new tech opportunities in particular, as you have an interest now in being at the cutting edge. On the same day, Venus, your ruling planet, moves into your family zone, so it's a wonderful time for prettifying your home, clearing the clutter and getting back in touch with long lost relatives. Career matters could take a hit around June 21st, when your work-life balance gets out of kilter. A tense Venus-Mars opposition suggests competition and rivalry between you and your partner, but it's important not to take that out on your kids or your home life.

Once Mars turns retrograde in your career zone on June 26th, the pressure will ease off, but you may have to think seriously about which is more important to you: your home life or the money you earn from your work.


Don't be afraid to do things differently as June gets underway, especially at work. Venus trines Jupiter on the 1st and Neptune on the 2nd, indicating that imaginative and creative career solutions are yours for the taking. Just because things have always been done in a certain way doesn't mean they can't now change. In your love life, watch out for jealousy and obsessions on June 5th, however, especially if you work together or if either of you work in finance, insurance or related areas. With Mercury moving into your money zone on June 12th, the time is right to consider earning extra money through your considerable talents.

Freelance writing might appeal, or perhaps voice over work. If you have an interest in research, you might also be able to earn some money delving into genealogy for others. Venus arrives in your communication zone on June 13th, and at the same time there's a New Moon in your own sign, so it's the ideal time to launch a new business - you'll certainly find it easy to charm potential customers. When Mars turns retrograde in your philosophy zone on June 26th, you'll want your world to shrink down a little bit. Time to pay less attention to the bigger picture and instead to focus in on the detail.

The Full Moon on June 28th focuses on paying off your debts, but these are just as likely to be emotional or karmic debts as financial ones - work carefully to get this right the first time.


Spiritually, you're set to grow by leaps and bounds in June, Cancer! Right from the start, on June 1st, a beautiful trine between Venus in your own sign and Jupiter in your creativity zone signals an upsurge in imagination - and this in turn leads to a new spiritual understanding as you are able to accept things about the universe which you might previously have questioned. It's about taking a leap of faith, but be aware that your lover may not share your new-found optimism. On June 5th, Venus opposes Pluto, so you may have trouble getting your significant other to share your ideals. Don't worry - communication will become easier from June 12th onwards, when talkative Mercury arrives in your sign.

On June 13th, the New Moon falls in your imagination zone, and again, your creativity is stirred. It's an excellent time for writing, crafting or painting. On the same day, Venus moves into your money zone, inviting abundance into your life and showcasing hitherto hidden talents, so you may find that you are able to make some extra money from your art or your writing. There is some tension in your love life around June 26th, when Mars turns retrograde in your passion zone. Intimacy may be put on hold for a short while, but you can use this time to grow intellectually and spiritually closer to your lover, even if physically things are paused.

On June 28th, a Full Moon in your love zone encourages you to talk through any hidden fears or worries, so that you can move forwards together.


Whether or not you believe in karma, past lives or destiny, events in your love life at the beginning of June will leave you feeling that divine intervention has smiled up on you in some way. Two beautiful trines, on June 1st and 2nd, serve to bring you and your sweetheart closer together than ever - or if you are single, you're likely to have a chance encounter with someone who quickly becomes very important in your life. There is a definite sense here of a meeting of souls, so enjoy! Be careful around June 5th, however, as you are surprisingly vulnerable to con artists. A heady opposition between Venus and Pluto makes you much more gullible than normal, and you are also easily persuaded to give up or sacrifice too much for someone you've barely met.

Not a great day for a date; stay around those you know and trust the most. From mid-month onwards, June becomes a very sociable affair. The New Moon on the 13th occurs in your friendship zone, encouraging you to join new groups or to reach out to new people. Meanwhile, on the same day, sociable Venus arrives in your own sign - with this energy around you, you're sure to be putting your best foot forwards and making an excellent impression on others. Don't be so pleased with new company that you neglect your existing relationship, however.

On June 26th, when Mars turns retrograde in your love zone, you can expect your sweetheart to be rather jealous - and perhaps deservedly so.


You're in a very humanitarian frame of mind as June begins. For one reason or another, "community" is set to become very important to you for a time, whether that's your local neighborhood or a community of like-minded people at a club or group. Two supportive trines involving Venus - one on June 1st and one the 2nd - assist you to reach out to others and you should feel secure and content as part of society at large. Watch out for a potential flashpoint on June 5th, however, when friends or colleagues urge you to take a risk that you really don't want to take. Listen to your own heart first and foremost.

The New Moon on June 13th falls in your career zone, so this is an ideal time for job hunting or asking for a raise. At the same time, Venus moves into your privacy zone, so you'll want to deal with others in a dignified, private manner rather than via social media or gossip and rumor. In fact, privacy will be an important issue for several months now, especially once Neptune turns retrograde in your love zone on June 18th. Keep your own counsel for a while. Everyday life may feel like a struggle towards the end of the month, as Mars turns retrograde, sapping your energy and your enthusiasm.

Get help with routine matters where you can, and don't feel like you must do everything alone. The 28th brings a Full Moon vibe which is quite dramatic for you - try not to take risks, and avoid acting on impulse, especially where you don't have all the facts.


Isn't it nice to be in the right place at the right time? Fortune favors you this June, Libra, especially on the 1st and 2nd - two beautiful trines involving Venus, your ruling planet, put you front and center for some luck, especially with your finances and your career. Don't become so caught up in this exciting opportunity that you neglect your sweetheart however - a tricky Venus-Pluto opposition on June 5th suggests that someone has a lot of cause for jealousy and resentment at home. An adventurous New Moon on June 13th highlights travel, so get out into the countryside, wherever you live, and whatever the weather. You'll thrive close to nature and in beautiful scenery - but you'll also enjoy visiting new cities, so try to blend both.

On the same day, Venus arrives in your friendship zone, so look out for new travel buddies who may quickly become firm friends. You may find that someone with very different views to your own, or from a very different culture, immediately strikes a chord with you. It's safety first towards the end of the month, when Mars turns retrograde in your risk zone. Slow down, take extra care and think before acting. You won't want to take emotional risks now either, so stick around those you love the most and enjoy your creature comforts at home.

A Full Moon in your family zone on June 28th suggests that home is where the heart is as June draws to a close.


Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will bring you great satisfaction as June gets underway. Venus trines Jupiter in Scorpio on June 1st and then trines Neptune in your adventure zone on June 2nd, so head out on a creative or spiritual pilgrimage in some way. If you're not physically traveling, take time to learn more about a particular faith or culture which fascinates you, because there are lessons here for you to absorb. Just be careful not to be taken in by a false guru of some kind on June 5th - anyone who tells you they have all the answers should be avoided at all costs! The New Moon on June 13th comes with a theme of forgiveness - both of the self and of others.

Try to put grudges behind you and make a resolution to not dwell on the past. If you can reach out to someone who has wronged you, you'll find that your own peace of mind grows enormously through this act of kindness. With Venus moving into your status zone, also on June 13th, what matters to you is to do the right thing rather than to do the thing which is easiest. There's a sense of looking back into the past on June 26th, when Mars turns retrograde in your roots zone. You may have to come to terms with a long-hidden family secret.

It's a time of re-evaluation; take your time to absorb the news. The Full Moon on June 28th falls in your communication zone, so say what has been on your mind for some time.


Let your creativity loose as June begins. With two supportive trines involving Venus, on the 1st and 2nd of the month, it's the ideal start to what could potentially be an excellent month for your creative progress. Don't allow yourself to be derailed by money issues on June 5th. A difficult opposition between Venus and Pluto on that date suggests that you have to spend in order to invest in yourself, so don't let guilt stop you doing that. There's a change of pace on June 13th, with a New Moon in your love zone - if you are single, this is the perfect moment for finding that special someone.

If you're already in a relationship, use your creative vibe to make, write or paint something which expresses your love for your sweetheart. This is not the time to hold back with your emotions - indeed, on the same date, Venus arrives in your adventure zone, so feel free to spice things up as much as you like! You may suffer from brain fog for a week or so towards the end of June. With Mars turning retrograde in your intellect zone on June 26th, it's not the best time for work which requires great concentration or attention to detail. However, this turning off of the rational mind could be a boost to your creativity and imagination - so again, don't be afraid to showcase your talents in those areas.

A Full Moon in your money zone on June 28th suggests that if you persevere with your talents, there is money to be made.


The beginning of June is the perfect time to team up with your sweetheart to make a difference in the world. There's a very humanitarian vibe around on the 1st and 2nd, when Venus joins forces first with Jupiter and then with Neptune. This energy allows you to get closer as a couple while also pooling your talents in a worthwhile manner. Choose a cause which is close to both your hearts and go all out to support it. Try to avoid any competitiveness within your relationship, however, especially on June 5th.

A tense stand-off between Venus and Pluto could bring arguments, but it helps to remember that you're both on the same side. It's down to business on June 13th, with a New Moon in your everyday activity zone. This is the ideal moment to reorganize your schedule, clear your desk, get rid of your clutter and attend to long overdue tasks. At the same time, Venus arrives in your passion zone, so you may find that clearing and cleaning the house brings you a huge amount of satisfaction. Money worries may surface around June 26th, when Mars turns retrograde in your money zone.

Try not to worry unduly about this. You may have to tighten your belt for a few weeks, but you'll be surprised at how easily you can manage this. It's all about a positive attitude, and with a Full Moon in your own sign to round off the month on June 28th, you certainly have that in your favor.


Use the energies of early June to help create a more meaningful vibe in your work or career. Two lovely Venus based trines on the 1st and 2nd of June help you to find the intrinsic value in your career and to maximize the feel-good factor of going to work each morning. You may struggle with taking on more responsibility during a Venus-Pluto opposition on June 5th, but if you accept these extra duties willingly, they will quickly fall into place. Mid-June brings a New Moon in your pleasure and leisure zone. Focus on hobbies which make you smile and if you're single, get back onto the dating scene.

You'll quickly succumb to loneliness if you don't try to get out and about, so it's important to keep a connection with those around you. On June 13th, Venus moves into your love zone, so the chances are that someone new you meet at this time could quickly prove important in your life. June 21st finds you in competition with others over your love life, somehow, as Venus and Mars go head to head. There could be jealousy between you and another couple, or perhaps even an illicit relationship with someone who is already taken. Tread carefully.

Mars turns retrograde in your sign on June 26th, so you will have less energy for this fight than normal. Fortunately, a Full Moon in your spiritual zone on June 28th helps you to calm things down and maintain your perspective.


Taking a risk as June begins will pay off, big time. With Venus in trine aspect activating your risk and pleasure zone on June 1st, this is not a time to be shy. In love, especially, be ready to speak from the heart and to talk bold action. On June 5th, someone who was previously a friend may suddenly and dramatically become so much more, so keep a careful eye on those you already know if you're single and looking for love. A New Moon on June 13th falls in your family zone, and this is a lovely time for visiting relatives, redecorating the house or welcoming new family members, whether they have two legs or four!

On the same day, Venus moves into your everyday work zone, so you can expect relationships with colleagues to become warmer and more co-operative. Working conditions may improve too, especially if your work is very physically demanding. Watch out for sudden psychic insight or strange experiences around June 26th. With Mars turning retrograde in your psychic zone, dreams have much to tell you and you may also find yourself at the center of weird events or coincidences. There's a message in everything, if you look hard enough, and if you try to understand it.

A Full Moon in your friendship zone rounds off the month on June 28th, so a falling out with a friend may come out of the blue. However, you can both learn from this, rebuilding your friendship on more solid ground for the future.

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