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August 2018

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August is a rollercoaster ride of important transits this year. The good news is that although the month starts off with a lot of tensions and potential drama, it concludes with two of the most positive weeks we’ve seen for a long while – so hang on in there!

The month starts as it intends to temporarily go on, with an explosively angry Mars-Uranus square on August 1st. On the 6th, a square between the Sun and Jupiter, the planet of excess, makes it even tougher to control emotions. Venus moves into diplomatic Libra the same day, which helps a little, but overall tempers are likely to continue to flare. Uranus adds to the pressure cooker atmosphere, turning retrograde on August 7th and forcing many of us to face our fears.

However, a New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th falls in generous Leo, heralding a much more positive shift in energy. By the time Mercury turns direct on August 18th many of us will be feeling much happier. On the 19th, a magical Jupiter-Neptune trine blesses us with enormous abundance, creativity and compassion.

August 25th brings a stunning earth grand trine aspect between the Virgo Sun, Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. This is highly constructive and positive energy, which each of us can use to move forwards. On August 26th, a spiritual and creative Full Moon in Pisces adds to this impetus and just one day later Mars turns direct in can-do Capricorn – so despite a rocky start, August looks set to end on a fantastically upbeat note with the promise of good things to come.


Keep a calm head over your finances as August gets underway. The Mars-Uranus square on August 1st highlights how a lack of funds is holding you back from some of your dreams - it's not surprising that you would feel incredibly frustrated over this, but is it really anyone's fault? Well meaning interventions from friends and family may only make matters worse in your head, especially when the Sun squares Jupiter on August 6th, but try to be gracious about it if you can. The bad feeling may spread into your personal relationship on August 9th when Venus squares up to Saturn - but the good news is that Venus by now is in your house of love, so hold onto what you have together. It's worth fighting for.

Pressures will start to ease around August 19th when Mercury turns direct. A beautiful trine between Jupiter and Neptune at this time helps you to access your inner determination and focus. Seek insight from your spiritual self too, as messages from spirit and from your subconscious are all around you. There are answers to your problems there, if you simply open your eyes. The Grand Trine on August 25th is about improving your prosperity so that you can achieve your goals.

Again, there's a spiritual influence here too, from the Pisces Full Moon on August 26th, so think materially but use your psychic gifts and intuition to help you along the way. Once Mars turns direct in your career zone on August 27th, there will be very little holding you back.


Don't be surprised if you feel a little lost as August gets underway. The powerful Mars-Uranus square on August 1st highlights your sense of identity and your self-esteem, so you may be feeling inadequate or as if you are unable to live up to your potential. Unfortunately, family's efforts to support you may backfire as you're not emotionally equipped to deal with their attempts to jolly you along, especially around August 6th. There may be some resentment in the mix here too, if family matters have previously meant that you missed out in education or career opportunities. However, the partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th falls in your family zone and suggests that healing and forgiveness is on the way.

Once Mercury turns direct in your family zone on August 19th you'll reach a fresh and positive new understanding, especially with any extended family members who have previously been unfairly critical of you. The magical Jupiter-Neptune trine, also on August 19th, highlights blessings in your personal relationship and your friendship circle - you will feel truly inspired by your loved ones at that point, and they by you. The Grand Trine on August 25th is about finding your path or your calling and following it. With support from your loved ones, you're about to shift direction into something much more meaningful to you - a job or a volunteer commitment where you can express your values and your identity and where you can truly make a difference in the world. Watch for the first steps around August 27th when Mars turns direct in your philosophy zone - it's all go from here on.


Events at the beginning of August may highlight your own shortcomings and failures, to such an extent that you'll feel battered, bruised and perhaps very down-hearted. It's important to keep a sense of perspective here, because everybody has weaknesses and nobody around you is perfect. Nevertheless, some difficult squares in the first week of August may leave you feeling isolated and held back by your fears. It's almost as if you're afraid to fail, so you give up trying. Helpfully, Venus arrives in your daredevil zone on August 6th, encouraging you to take a few leaps of faith and showing you that moving out of your comfort zone can be a good thing.

The partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th helps too, as it places you in circumstances where you are forced to come up with the goods - and you do, proving to yourself that you're so much more capable than you thought. Build on this positive experience so that by the time Mercury turns direct in your common sense zone on August 19th, you'll be raring to go and spread your wings. A beautiful trine between Neptune and Jupiter on the same date finds you feeling inspired at work and plotting a course towards career success too. The Grand Trine on August 25th put you in touch with your past and shows you that past fears and failures are learning curves we should welcome rather than moments of shame. When it comes to your career, especially, you'll find that confronting your fears head on dissolves them completely, leaving you free to progress with a smile.


Life may seem a little unfair as August gets underway and there's a strong sense of resentment surrounding the potent Mars-Uranus square on August 1st. If you feel that others have an advantage over you because of their wealth or their personal situation, you'll feel bitter to a depth which may surprise even you. Jealousy could spiral out of control on August 6th when the Sun squares Jupiter, and anger about your past or your upbringing may spill over again during the Venus-Saturn square on August 9th. However, hang on in there. This sense of bitterness will evaporate between the partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th and Mercury's return to direct motion on August 19th.

Both events highlight your personal values and your self-esteem, enabling you to put jealousy to one side and to count your own blessings. In fact, the Jupiter-Neptune trine on August 19th finds you wanting to work hard to improve the lives of others, having recognized how truly blessed you are. This is something you can work on during the Grand Trine on August 25th. This energy connects your desire to improve the world, your innate common sense and your willingness to work with others. Add a touch of creative humanitarianism, courtesy of the Full Moon on August 26th, and you have a recipe for a new project which will make a difference.

Get your sweetheart involved too, as this is something you both feel strongly about.


It's your work-life balance which troubles you most as August gets underway. Right from the start, the tense Mars-Uranus square on August 1st centers around how much time you spend working versus how much time you have with your sweetheart and your family. Work is an important source of pride to you, but your family may be struggling to see it that way. Another square, between the Sun and Jupiter on the 6th, suggests that family members may have unrealistic expectations of you at this time. However, if you can hold on through this emotional onslaught, better news is on the way.

The partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th is in Leo and helps you to get your thoughts in order on this topic. Later, Mercury turns direct again in Leo on August 19th, making it easier for you to explain the situation from your point of view. Family members do get the message, as shown by the beautiful Jupiter-Neptune trine on August 19th, which surrounds you with love and family support. The Grand Trine on August 25th is perfect for streamlining your working processes and for finding a better balance between work and home. This is the time to ask if you can work remotely - or even to strike out on your own.

Don't settle for anything less than an improvement in your working conditions. As Mars turns direct in this zone of your chart on August 27th, you have the power to nip this problem in the bud once and for all.


Stick to your principles: that's the over-riding message for August, Virgo, and especially for the first few weeks of the month. August 1st sees you under pressure to do something which doesn't sit well with your ethics and morals. The tense square between Mars and Uranus makes it difficult for you to resist, but it's important to take a stand now. Venus arrives in your values zone on August 6th, which will make it easier for you to refuse to get involved with anything underhand. That's not to say it might not be tempting, however, especially around August 9th when there could be financial benefits to breaking the rules.

If you can stay strong through this period, however, you'll be rewarded with a clear conscience during the partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th. Mercury turns direct in your conscience zone later on August 19th - this is time to bare your soul if you do have something to report, or if you need to blow the whistle on some underhand activity. Throughout this testing month, your family and loved ones are right by your side. A beautiful trine on August 19th shows that you are strongly supported and truly blessed by the company you keep. The Grand Trine on August 25th invites you to take another principled stand, this time with a view to making a difference to the rules.

This is something you feel passionate about - and as Mars turns direct in your passion zone on August 27th, it gives you a cause to fight for once more.


Intrigue, jealousy, passion and deceit make quite a potent mix at the start of August, Libra - you'll need to keep a very calm head to deal with this heady swirl of emotions. On August 1st, someone is pushing all the wrong buttons and there could be explosive anger over a relationship, whether it's a current one, one that's just beginning or one coming back to haunt you from the past. Once Uranus turns retrograde in one of the darkest zones of your chart on August 7th, don't be surprised if you find yourself dwelling bitterly on past hurts. Fortunately, this toxic influence doesn't last too long. A partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th sweeps in fresh air and a more objective point of view.

You can put emotions to one side now and you can see clearly what you must do in order to move on in a more positive fashion. A lovely trine between Jupiter and Neptune on August 19th strengthens your resolve to act honorably and kindly from this point forwards. Use the energies of the Grand Trine to sort out your personal relationships - from your sweetheart to your extended family - and to get them on a more even keel. There's no need to keep lurching from one drama to the next. If you can heal the jealousy and the anger, you can create loving relationships which will stand the test of time.

Once Mars turns direct in your family zone on August 27th, the energies will be particularly helpful for forgiving a troublesome in-law.


The first couple of weeks of August could be a testing time in your love life. It seems that your relationship may be stuck in a rut and your sweetheart - and his or her extended family too, no doubt - is not shy of letting you know that they're bored, frustrated or disappointed in you. That stings, and you can expect some considerable anger to surface, particularly on August 1st, 6th and 9th. With gentle Venus moving into the most vulnerable area of your chart early in August, you may feel overwhelmed with emotions and in need of some help - so ask. Things will settle down following the partial Solar Eclipse on August 11.

At this point, you'll gain clarity of mind about your identity, your status in the relationship and your self-worth -and crucially, you'll stop feeling like a victim. This and the fact that Mercury turns direct again on August 19th helps you to defend yourself against unwarranted attacks from family members - and a beautiful trine on the 19th suggests that you and your sweetheart re-find one another and get your lives back on track once more. You could use the energies of the Grand Trine on August 25th to set some boundaries for your extended family and your friends. Work with your sweetheart to agree that third parties won't come between you again. Communication between the two of you is flourishing now and that communication will ensure that you work together as a team now, healing the anger and looking forward to a bright future.


Being such an adventurous sign, one thing you do not handle well is boredom. So, with August's energies initially rather stagnant for your sign, the month kicks off with a good deal of frustration on your part. You seem to be bored with your job, bored with your neighborhood, bored with your friends and lacking any motivation to fix these things. Take care that your irritation doesn't spill over into bitterness. That you feel this way is not the fault of those around you; it's within your power to change your own mood, so don't expect anyone else to do it for you.

You never stay negative for long, however, and once Venus arrives in your friendship zone on August 6th you'll quickly get your mojo back, especially if you can meet new people and enjoy some different points of view. The partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th is full of fresh and invigorating energy for you and suggests some important travel opportunities too. If you can take a leap of faith and perhaps move home, move job or move into a different kind of environment, you'll be richly rewarded by the beautiful trine on August 19th. During the Grand Trine on August 25th, work with your sweetheart to plan your future. This is hugely constructive energy for your ambitions, your finances and your dreams, but you'll need to work together to share a vision and then to make that vision happen.

Good news related to money comes on August 27th when Mars turns direct - this will certainly help!


August's energies are about taking a risk or three, Capricorn. Now, as a general rule, you don't "do" risks - but you tend to forget that every risk is also an opportunity and that without risk, there is no possibility of change. Arguments about your unwillingness to give something a go are likely on August 1st - potentially very ill-tempered arguments at that. Friends, family and loved ones are all likely to be pushing you to make a particular decision, but you're simply not ready to do so. It's fine to take your time over these things, but in your heart you know that your loved ones are right.

You may miss yet another opportunity around August 9th, when Venus squares up to Saturn - and this time, you'll kick yourself for not having been braver. Well, OK: let's do something about it. A good start is the partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th - this energy is deep and powerful, and it stirs something within your soul. You know that you want to change. Around August 19th another opportunity comes along, probably connected to your career - and this time, you're ready to make the jump.

A beautiful trine between Neptune and Jupiter is there to cushion any fall and to show you that daring to be bold really does have its rewards. The Grand Trine on August 25th picks up on this theme. It links your identity zone, your risk zone and your philosophy zone and suggests a definite change of attitude towards life. When Mars turns direct in your sign on August 27th, you'll be well and truly in a position to forge ahead.


Sometimes the past just won't lie quietly, will it? As August gets underway, a painful issue relating to your roots or your past is stirred up yet again, to much angst and upheaval. The stress this causes is reflected in both your relationship and your career, so the first week of August may be a particularly difficult time for both of these things. However, as Uranus turns retrograde in your history zone, you're prompted to confront these challenges head on, so that you can learn from the past and lay it to rest once and for all. Your first opportunity to do this comes around August 11, during the partial Solar Eclipse.

This occurs in your love and partnership zone and is indicative of the staunch support your sweetheart is offering you as you come to terms with things. On August 19th, Mercury turns direct in your love zone and there's a beautiful trine between Neptune and Jupiter, suggesting further healing and forgiveness of your past, again strongly supported by your other half. The Grand Trine on August 25th continues this theme and teaches you how you can use forgiveness and healing to move beyond a painful past. It's your current values which define you, not anything which happened to you previously. Your sign is a natural leader and teacher and as Mars turns direct in your spiritual zone on August 27th, you may even be inspired to teach others the lessons you've learned this month about emotional and spiritual healing.


Much of what you say or do early in August is likely to be twisted by someone else with an agenda. There seem to be some secrets around and you're under pressure to keep them or defend them - against your better judgement. Expect a great deal of anger around this issue on August 1st, and again on the 6th and the 9th. As Venus arrives in one of the most secretive areas of your chart on August 6th, however, you may be able to find a tactful and honorable way of letting the cat out of the bag. Whatever you choose to do, it's important that you put your own mental health first.

The partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th reminds you that your own wellbeing has suffered during this process. This and an important trine on August 19th encourages you to be more open and honest from now on - no more secrets. Your philosophy of life is changing and you're no longer willing to lie in order to keep the peace. With the Mercury retrograde period also ending on August 19th, you're free to speak the truth, no matter who doesn't like it. The Grand Trine on August 25th is also to do with communication and honesty, especially in a relationship.

Make a resolution from this point forwards to be upfront and transparent with your sweetheart and with others you truly care for. Even though the truth sometimes hurts, you of all signs are well equipped to soften the blow. Speak from the heart, with compassion and good intention, and all will be well.

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