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Monthly Horoscope

January 2018

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Astrologically speaking, 2018 means business, and we’re straight down to it in this action-packed month: January brings us two Full Moons, one of which is a total Lunar Eclipse, plus no less than four planetary sign changes. Apart from a reflective pause on New Year’s Day, when the Cancer Full Moon looks back with fondness on the year just passed, this is a month for letting go and looking ahead. Uranus turns direct on January 2nd, signalling a hasty and somewhat rushed return to work for many of us – the holidays will seem to have passed very quickly.

A very positive conjunction between the Sun and Pluto makes all things seem possible on the 9th, and common sense is on our side on the 10th when Mercury moves into sensible Capricorn. It’s the perfect time for putting innovative ideas into concrete practice. Romance and social relationships may hit a brief rocky patch on the 13th, as Venus squares up to Uranus, but everyone will start to feel more relaxed by the time of the Capricorn New Moon on the 16th.

A freewheeling attitude to both money and love is a breath of fresh air once Venus arrives in freedom-loving Aquarius on the 17th, swiftly followed by the Sun on the 19th. The latter part of January is characterized by a laid-back vibe, where pretty much anything goes. Mars moves into adventurous Sagittarius on the 26th, adding to the sense of joyful wildness. On the 31st, a Lunar Eclipse in Leo rounds out the month with a focus on abundance and generosity – invite goodness, grace and generosity into your life with an open heart.


Ready to head back to work, Aries? The party's definitely over! Uranus turns direct in your own sign on the 2nd, pulling you back to reality - indeed, back to the future as plans for 2018 fizz and sizzle in your head. Be prepared to put those plans into action sooner than you think. Already, on the 9th, the Sun and Pluto get together to inspire you and to show that obstacles can be overcome.

Don't hold back, especially in your career. Take big, brave, bold steps now. Start as you mean to go on. Once Mercury arrives in your career zone on the 10th, you can expect the demands on you to increase. Which gives you a chance to show off, so you're happy with that!

Don't lose your charm, however. A tricky square between Venus and Uranus on the 13th reminds you to maintain your personal integrity. Don't tread on others; give them a helping hand instead. Opportunities at work should be coming thick and fast by the time the New Moon sparkles from your career zone on the 16th. With Venus and the Sun swiftly moving into your social zone in the following days, it's likely that you'll be mixing business with pleasure in a big way for the next few weeks. If you're single, an office romance could be in the making - why not? After all, January ends with a Lunar Eclipse in your dating zone, so there could be some big news on that score!


During 2017, you gradually became aware of the need to learn more, whether that's academically, spiritually or personally. You're determined to start 2018 in an open and engaged frame of mind, and the planetary energy around you this January is ideal for just that. You're fortunate to be starting the year in a loved-up mood too - a fantastic Mars-Jupiter conjunction on the 6th occurs right in your love zone, giving you every reason to smile. Hold onto the closeness you feel with your sweetie just now, as this will support you if your confidence wavers later in the month. The mind stretching begins in earnest on the 9th, when the Sun conjuncts Pluto in your learning and philosophy zone, lighting the way to overcome previous doubts you may have had.

With intelligent Mercury arriving in this zone a day later, and a New Moon here too on the 16th, it's the ideal time to sign up for a new course or to get started on a new qualification. Ask what training is available at work, take an evening class or attend an educational group. You'll be so glad that you did. On the 26th, passionate Mars moves into the sexiest zone of your chart. This is terrific energy for a second honeymoon, or indeed for being swept off your feet by a new partner if you're single.

Or even if you're not, which is another story entirely. Watch out for a mini family drama during the Lunar Eclipse on the 31st, however - something will need your urgent attention.


You're a gregarious sign, so you'd think you were up for a little sharing as 2018 gets underway, right? Uh-uh. This is actually set to be an unusually selfish month for you, with people around you seemingly pushing all the wrong buttons. Hang on in there, as emotions may seem tumultuous at times. It will all come right in the end - but you're right to be cautious over lending money.

Right from the start, on New Year's Day, a sensitive Full Moon in your money zone asks difficult questions about your finances. There could be good news about investments or a loan around the 9th, when the Sun and Pluto join forces to get a good deal for you. However, Mercury and Saturn team up in the most selfish zone of your chart on the 12th, suggesting that in both love and money, you're not in a very giving mood at all. Social friendships may struggle around this time too, especially if a friend pushes their luck, asking for money or getting to close to your sweetheart. The mood lightens once gentle Venus moves out of this super-sensitive zone and into your travel zone on the 17th, swiftly followed by the Sun.

It's a good time to whisk your lover away for a quiet break, away from any negativity which has built up. Passionate Mars moves into your love zone on the 26th so spend plenty of quality time together and put the past behind you.


What better way to start 2018 than with your own personal, private New Year party, aptly enough on New Year's Day itself? The Full Moon on this day shines brightly from your own sign, and sets the tone for a hugely positive start to the year. Love is definitely your primary focus this January, and there are excellent indications for romance and poetry and all things sweet and cuddly, whether you're currently single or already attached. There's a flirtatious vibe around during the first week, especially when Mars and Jupiter team up in your dating zone on the 6th. Meet someone new, if you wish, or set up a date night with your special someone.

Problems within an existing relationship seem to fade away following a super-positive Sun-Pluto conjunction on the 9th, and you'll wonder what you were ever worried about. With communicative Mercury heading into your love zone on the 10th and a New Moon occurring there too on the 16th, it's a wonderful time for romance. An existing partnership should enjoy a fresh closeness; those in a new partnership are likely to grow closer very quickly. Venus spices things up further when she arrives in the sexiest part of your chart on the 17th - intense passion now could be all consuming! Enjoy this breath-taking interlude while you can, though, because the Lunar Eclipse on the 31st hints at money trouble, which may require you to come back to earth with a bump.


You know those New Year resolutions you make every year, and quickly abandon by the end of the first week? This year could - and should - be different. Make it a family affair, as you all pull together to make the changes you want to make. The first week of January in particular helps you to set up good habits for the future, inspired by a very positive Mars-Jupiter conjunction on the 6th in your family zone. Mid-month is an ideal time to focus on your health and fitness goals.

The Sun and Pluto join forces on the 9th to help you overcome anything which was holding you back, especially any self-doubt or psychological issues. Intelligent Mercury moves into your health zone on the 10th, and then joins forces with sensible Saturn on the 13th, making it easier to establish new habits and to ditch old, harmful ones. If you're still persevering on the 16th - please do! - a beautiful New Moon in your health zone will mark a turning point in your wellness and vitality. Meanwhile, because you're feeling better, healthier and fitter, it's easier than ever for romance to loom large in your life.

Both Venus and the Sun move into your love zone in the second half of January, and they're joined later by a very passionate Mars in your most flirtatious zone - bring back the sparkle to your love life, and remember why you fell in love in the first place! A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 31st will help you rekindle the old magic.


Don't be surprised if you feel a little anxious heading into 2018. You have some huge changes in mind, after all. You can take your life wherever you want it to go, if only you believe in yourself. January begins with you assessing and re-assessing the risks you are about to take - but you're over-thinking the whole thing, Virgo. Obsessing over the details won't help you.

At some point, you either have to make that leap, or not. The perfect time to do so is around the 9th, when the Sun and Pluto team up to create possibilities out of thin air. There's a wonderful can-do vibe around you in the second and third weeks of January, boosted further by the arrival of Mercury, your ruler, into your risk-taking zone on the 10th. Knowing that you've been able to weigh things up and consider things intelligently makes you feel braver, helping you to take that long overdue step. Get expert advice around any money issues, but don't let fear hold you back.

Around the time of the New Moon, on the 16th, you should be ready to put your doubts aside at long last. Later in the month, Venus and the Sun move happily into the part of your chart which deals with everyday affairs, indicating that after all that adrenaline, you'll quickly settle into your new routine. January ends with a Lunar Eclipse in your fears and secrets zone - sounds scary, but it should actually highlight to you just how far you've come in a very short space of time.


They say home is where the heart is and for you, Libra, January 2018 gets off to a very family-focused start. The Full Moon on New Year's Day is in your career zone, but perhaps highlights guilt over your work-life balance. Push those feelings aside - you can only do your best. Be comforted in the knowledge that this month, at least, you'll be able to make some positive family-related changes. It all begins with a helpful financial influence on the 6th, when Mars teams up with lucky Jupiter which takes some of the pressure off you and allows you the luxury of more free time.

Lateral thinking uncovers some intriguing work-life solutions, especially during the second week of January when a Sun-Pluto conjunction proves to you that, with will and determination, anything is possible. This is further underlined when intelligent Mercury arrives in your family zone on the 10th, opening up the channels of communication and taking a can-do approach to any problems. Your wider family may disapprove of your life and family choices however, but a tricky square between Venus and Uranus on the 13th reminds you that it's absolutely none of their business. A New Moon in your family zone on the 16th marks the beginning of a new phase, so congratulate yourself on getting these changes done. From here, the month becomes lighter in tone - not least when flirtatious Venus moves into your dating zone on the 17th!

If you're already in love, passion and magic are on the agenda now; if you're single, don't count on staying that way for long!


Get your thinking cap on, Scorpio. The first few weeks of 2018 are shaping up intriguingly for you, and it seems that you are on the hunt for some intellectual challenges. New Year's Day lights the way with a Full Moon in your philosophy zone, reminding you that you're not done learning yet. Meanwhile, intelligent Mercury is preparing to move into your communication zone, indicating that your words will have a definite power during January. People are listening and taking notice, so make sure you have something meaningful to say!

Interestingly, there are links to teaching of some kind in your chart just now, especially when Mercury teams up with Saturn on the 12th to help you impart wisdom to others. This isn't necessarily teaching in a school as an actual job, but it does suggest that you can mentor others this month; in bringing out the best in them, you're also advancing your own growth. Watch out for the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life, especially around January 16th, when a promising New Moon occurs in your thinking zone. Family matters are warm and loving this January. Gentle Venus moves into your family and home zone on the 17th, bringing you the perfect opportunity to revamp your living space to suit your changing tastes.

Get set for some hard work and inspiration as January draws to a close. Driven Mars enters your money zone on the 26th, while the Lunar Eclipse on the 31st suggests that your working life is about to surprise you.


After the expense of the holiday season, many of us are feeling the pinch this January. However, for you, 2018 begins with a few financial lessons, some of which might feel quite harsh. The good news is that you're learning that money isn't everything. Pay attention to your other values and your other blessings this month, and learn to control your impulse spending a little more. Right from New Year's Day onwards, there's a cautionary tale going on with your finances.

A Full Moon on the 1st hints at trouble with investments, while a tricky Venus-Uranus square mid-month warns you not to take undue risks with your money. Stop showing off and competing with the neighbors too! Fortunately, intelligent Mercury moves into your money zone on the 10th, helping you to take a more rational and considered approach to the problem. Tight budgetary control is needed, but a New Moon in your money zone on the 16th suggests that you'll soon get used to it. Elsewhere in your chart, your social life is becoming more important this month.

When Venus moves into your communication zone, you'll want to spend a lot of time putting the world to rights with those on a similar wavelength. Watch out for some recklessness when Mars arrives in your sign on the 26th. An impulsive push for adventure could lead to trouble during the Lunar Eclipse on the last day of the month. Balance your spirited streak against some common sense!


The winter months always bring a flurry of planetary activity in your sign and this January is no exception. This time, the emphasis is on your self-confidence and self-esteem, and on how you relate to others. A romantic New Year's Day sees a Full Moon in your love zone, so the year certainly gets off on the right foot. A few days later, on the 6th, Mars joins forces with Jupiter to sprinkle positivity throughout your friendship zone, so relationships with friends and colleagues are also on the up. The middle of January could signal some difficult moments, though.

The Sun and Pluto team up on the 9th to boost your ego and to help you see your own talents more clearly. Once Mercury arrives in your sign on the 10th, you should be able to express yourself clearly and with style. However, on the 13th, Mercury forms a conjunction with Saturn, your sober, serious ruler, and this suggests that you may struggle with shyness or inhibition for a while. Undue or unkind pressure from family members also drags you down at this time, but don't take it to heart. A beautiful New Moon in your sign on the 16th signals a fresh start for your confidence.

Start to see yourself as others see you - you'll be impressed! Do take care with your finances towards the end of the month. Extravagant Venus arrives in your money zone on January 17th, which could lead to uncontrolled spending. The Lunar Eclipse on the 31st may therefore involve a financial shock of some kind - forewarned is forearmed!


Emotions are running high for you, Aquarius, as 2018 gets underway. With Mercury moving into the most sensitive zone of your chart quite early on in the month, you're not able to be your normal detached self, so you may struggle with some overwhelming feelings. When Mercury joins forces with serious Saturn on the 13th, vague fears and worries could become particularly troublesome. The key is to keep talking. Talk to your lover, your family, your friends, or to a counselor - anyone who can help you get your fears into perspective.

A New Moon in your psychic zone on January 16th suggests interesting progress in your spiritual growth. Look out for strange coincidences and vivid dreams. You may glimpse things out of the corner of your eye, or hear someone whispering to you. You're not going nuts - the cosmos is trying to attract your attention, so listen up! Your confidence will start to return once Venus arrives in your sign, on the 17th, and your social life should improve at that point too.

Back in control of your emotions, you'll feel much stronger and more comfortable. When Mars arrives in your friendship zone on the 26th, try to branch out and meet new people. There's an excellent chance of forming lasting bonds with others at this time - although a Lunar Eclipse in your love zone on the 31st suggests that jealousy could be an issue if your partner feels neglected.


This January, a key theme for you is working with others, towards a common good. You often prefer to tread your path alone, so that you don't have to trust anyone else - but as 2018 gets underway, you'll quickly discover that more heads are better than one. It's likely to start with a beautiful Mars-Jupiter conjunction on the 6th, which brings to life a humanitarian or ethical project you'd love to work on. But you can't do this alone! As Mercury moves into your friendship zone on the 10th, team work will become much easier.

The middle of January is an excellent time for forming new bonds with others who can work with you towards a common objective. The New Moon, on the 16th, is likely to be a particularly productive and satisfying moment for this. Despite making such great progress with your goals, however, you may still have doubts about whether you're doing the right thing. After all, you do have to earn a living, however high your moral aims. Venus arrives in your most secretive and sensitive zone on the 17th, and you'll want to get plenty of private time to yourself from then onwards, to reflect and to think.

Imaginative ideas formed now should lead to a breakthrough moment - yes, you can make career and financial progress while remaining true to yourself. Once Mars enters your career zone on the 26th, you should be able to enjoy the best of both worlds, with a clear conscience.

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