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Monthly Horoscope

February 2017

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Affectionate Venus enters outgoing Aries on the 3rd, setting the tone for a highly sociable month. Take this opportunity to explore unfamiliar vistas, make friends and form fresh professional alliances. On the 5th, expansive Jupiter goes retrograde, giving everybody a chance to catch up and adjust to all the beneficial changes that have occurred since last September. Mercury moves into detached Aquarius on the 7th, making it easier to make sensible decisions based on facts, reasoning and deduction.

On the 10th the Lunar Eclipse in egotistical Leo allows everybody to put aside pride for the sake of the group. This is a wonderful opportunity to end selfish practices and institute rules that benefit the entire community instead of just a privileged few. Opportunities to travel, write and study will start arriving on the 11th, thanks to a trine between the empowering Sun and knowledgeable Jupiter. Expanding intellectual horizons will pay off handsomely during this electric period. Anyone seeking a better job or promotion could experience success on this day, which may be one of the luckiest of the entire year for every sign in the zodiac.

When the Sun moves into intuitive Pisces on the 18th, many people will prefer to spend more time on calming, introspective pursuits. Reading, writing, meditating and communing with nature should be rewarding at this restful time. Spiritual matters could also take center stage. Instead of focusing on worldly matters like status, money and prestige, it would be better to concentrate on sacred concerns. Finding inner fulfillment could involve anything from following an organized religion to communing with nature to taking up a meditation practice. Be guided by instinct, which is always powerful when the Sun tours this intuitive sign.

Mercury also moves into compassionate Pisces on the 25th, making people more kind and considerate toward one another. Cold indifference could give way toward caring attention under this gentle influence. This is also a marvelous time to develop creative projects. Painting, writing, playing music, building furniture, making clothes, shooting a film…it doesn’t matter what form art takes; the important thing is to exercise the imagination during this productive period.

A Solar Eclipse in Pisces on the 26th may mark the beginning of a spiritual awakening. It’s a good time to break off a grueling routine and turn attention inward. Psychic abilities can be heightened. When trying to make decisions and form opinions, don’t put too much weight on external considerations. Instead, try to get a feel for the situation. If someone seems shady or untrustworthy, they probably are. Similarly, if an option seems ripe with possibility, it’s worth following. This eclipse could also trigger vivid dreams. Keeping a pencil and pad of paper next to the bed is strongly advised. A dream journal could become the springboard to a successful creative venture that is both emotionally and materially enriching.


Attractive Venus enters your sign on the 3rd, further enhancing your natural charm. As a result, it will be easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar. Changing the terms of a romantic or business partnership is possible on the 5th, due to generous Jupiter going retrograde in your Relationship Sector. This will be a good opportunity to reassert your excellent leadership skills. Assuming the driver's seat in a close relationship will give you a chance to increase your earning potential as a duo.

A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th marks an exciting turning point in a romance. Getting engaged or married is a distinct possibility. You could also wrap up a creative endeavor that earns fame and acclaim; enjoy basking in the spotlight. On the 18th, the expressive Sun will begin its tour of your Privacy Sector. Spending more time on solitary pursuits will give you a chance to rest, relax and recharge your batteries after a busy social season.

A square between Mars, your ruling planet, and powerful Pluto could make the 22nd an especially tense day at work. This isn't a good time to exert pressure on your employer. It's better to cultivate support among your peers at this tense time. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th could spark a spiritual revelation. On the same day, Mars and Uranus will form a conjunction in your sign. Making a dramatic change in your personal life is strongly advised. Instead of focusing on material concerns, spend more time on the people and activities that make life sacred.


Venus, your ruling planet, enters your Spiritual Sector on the 3rd. Take this opportunity to rest, relax and reflect at this peaceful time. On the 5th, expansive Jupiter goes retrograde, greatly reducing your work schedule. This will come as a tremendous relief, allowing you to give more attention to the people and creative pursuits you love. A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th finds you wrapping up a domestic matter that has been weighing on your heart.

Getting support for a relative who is dealing with a medical or housing problem will be a tremendous relief. On the same day, communicative Mercury makes a sextile to generous Venus, helping you to strike a generous arrangement. If you're not happy with the terms that are originally offered, be ready to make some counterproposals. Your gracious manner should win the day. Career talks should go especially well on the 11th, thanks to a trine between the ambitious Sun and optimistic Jupiter.

This is a great time to go on a job interview or make a sales pitch. If you play your cards right, you could talk an authority figure into giving you a plum work assignment. Whom you know becomes just as important as what you know on the 18th, when the influential Sun moves into your Social Sector. You could form powerful alliances. On the 26th, a Solar Eclipse will put you in contact with some incredibly creative people. By joining forces with others, you'll be able to raise your own profile. Take this opportunity to showcase your considerable talent.


Alluring Venus moves through your Alliances Sector on the 3rd, making you extremely popular. Try to attend as many social gatherings and professional conferences as possible. The more extensive your social connections, the more successful you will be. Expansive Jupiter goes retrograde in your Leisure Sector on the 5th; it may be best to scale back fun and focus on work instead. If a friend needs emergency assistance at this time, be willing to break off a date or trip.

Personal sacrifices will be greatly appreciated. On the 7th, Mercury moves into your Higher Education Sector, making it a great time to sign up for an advanced class. Someone with your intellectual ability always welcomes an opportunity to learn something new. A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th marks a turning point in a relationship. Don't be surprised if you hear news of an engagement, marriage or pregnancy at this time.

If you've been unhappy with a business or romantic partner, it will be possible to break things off amicably. Ending this outmoded tie will be beneficial for the both of you. The ambitious Sun moves into your Career Sector on the 19th, possibly prompting you to apply for a prominent position or big promotion. Mercury moves into the same part of your chart on the 25th, improving your ability to negotiate with higher-ups. A Solar Eclipse on the following day could mark an astonishing professional breakthrough. A last-minute reshuffle at the top may mean an impressive new role for you.


Gracious Venus moves through your Career Sector on the 3rd; a job interview or professional presentation should go very well. Work involving art, fashion, cosmetics or luxury goods is especially favored at this time. Generous Jupiter goes retrograde in your Domesticity Sector on the 5th, causing you to scale back plans for a home improvement project. If you're trying to sell a piece of property, it may be necessary to lower the price. On the 10th, a source of income could come to a close, due to a Lunar Eclipse.

Don't panic; the ending of one job will lead you to a bigger and better opportunity. Fortunately, the ambitious Sun makes a trine to abundant Jupiter on the next day. Launching a business in the middle of the month could be extremely profitable. Serving as a consultant could be a great way for you to earn a living from the comfort of your own home. The spirited Sun moves into your Adventure Sector on the 18th, making it a wonderful time to learn a foreign language, enroll in a challenging academic program or publish some written work.

On the 22nd, beware of pouring too much energy into your career at the exclusion of your personal life. That's when aggressive Mars squares forbidding Pluto, creating tension between your professional and personal lives. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th may attract an exciting opportunity to travel. This trip could be an eye-opening experience for you, prompting you to adapt a whole new set of beliefs.


Cultured Venus moves through your Adventure Sector on the 3rd, possibly prompting you to take a glamorous trip. Heading for a hot new travel destination will fill you with excitement. Wise Jupiter goes retrograde in your Opinion Sector on the 5th, pushing you to revise your point of view. Learning more about a complicated matter may give you a more nuanced outlook. On the 7th, communicative Mercury enters your Relationship Sector, easing negotiations and agreements.

Take this opportunity to forge a deal that gives you more time for pleasurable pursuits. Pouring all of your energy into work could result in burnout. On the 10th, a Lunar Eclipse in your sign may mark the end of a position you have occupied for a long time. This change of scenery will be refreshing, giving you time to pursue interests that couldn't fit into your previous schedule. The Sun, your ruling planet, makes positive aspects to both Jupiter and Saturn on the 11th and 13th respectively, favoring both personal and professional partnerships.

Two heads are definitely better than one during the first half of February. Later, on the 18th, the Sun enters your Intimacy Sector, enhancing your already strong sensual side. This would be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a rendezvous with the one you love. Are you single? You could meet someone special at a religious, cultural or artistic gathering. The Solar Eclipse on the 26th could release a financial windfall. An inheritance, royalty payment or legal settlement may be on the way.


Your love life will get a nice boost when alluring Venus moves into your Intimacy Sector on the 3rd. Spending more quality time with your romantic partner will be very fulfilling. If you're single, you could meet someone special at a sporting event or competition. Expansive Jupiter goes retrograde on the 5th, which may slow your income down. Fortunately, you've always been resourceful so use this time to slow down, reflect and make your existing assets stretch farther than ever before.

On the 7th, Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into your Work Sector. Take this opportunity to interview for jobs and find new business. A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th will put an end to a period of obscurity for you. Instead of working behind the scenes, you'll assume a more prominent role. Working closely with an innovative partner is strongly favored at this time.

On the 13th, the empowering Sun forms a supportive sextile to secure Saturn. A partnership can create a great deal of emotional and financial stability at this time. If you're unsure about the future, join forces with a seasoned expert whose advice you trust. On the 18th, the dynamic Sun moves into your Relationship Sector, giving added strength to a friendship, romance or business alliance. Resist the temptation to criticize an associate's judgement. You'll find their uncanny intuition is a decided blessing, not a burden. The Solar Eclipse on the 26th could bring a hidden enemy into the open, giving you an opportunity to challenge someone who has been causing trouble for you.


Venus, your ruling planet, moves into your Relationship Sector on the 3rd, giving you added support from your best friend or romantic partner. If you're single, you could meet someone special in the opening days of the month. You may choose to step out of the spotlight on the 5th, when gregarious Jupiter goes retrograde in your Image Sector. Instead of making presentations, commanding attention and going to parties, you may prefer staying home and enjoying solitary pleasures. Attending to your own needs will restore your spirits and replenish your energy.

That's important for a giving person like you. On the 7th, intelligent Mercury will enter your Leisure Sector, inviting you to enjoy intellectual pursuits like crossword puzzles, trivia games and writing projects. A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th may bring a satisfying conclusion to a group project; people will be enthusiastic in their praise of your contributions. The romantic Sun makes a trine to joyous Jupiter on the 11th, making it a great time to go on a first date, get engaged or exchange wedding vows. Combative Mars squares oppressive Pluto on the 22nd, creating friction between your family and a close friend, with you caught in the middle.

On the 26th, a Solar Eclipse in your Work Sector could attract an exciting job that draws on your artistic skills. An opposition between pushy Mars and genial Jupiter creates a power struggle on the 27th; don't let a manipulative person push you around. It may be necessary to issue an ultimatum to an aggressive partner.


February 3rd finds gracious Venus moving through your Work Sector. You could be given a plum assignment or offered a wonderful position. Your ability to think on your feet will come in handy with this job. Expansive Jupiter goes retrograde on the 5th, prompting you to become a little more outgoing than you have been since September. When you feel lonely, don't hesitate to call on a friend or do some volunteer work.

On the 7th, strategic Mercury enters your Domesticity Sector, giving you a welcome opportunity to stock the pantry, make some nutritious meals and entertain loved ones. On the 10th, a Lunar Eclipse could mark an impressive turning point in your career. Don't be surprised when you're given a promotion or bonus for a job well done. A generous relative could give you financial or emotional help on the 11th, when the Sun forms a trine to bountiful Jupiter. The magnetic Sun moves into your Romance Sector on the 18th, further enhancing your considerable magnetism.

You'll turn heads wherever you go at this magical time. A square between quarrelsome Mars and intimidating Pluto, your ruling planet, could cause a war of words with a colleague on the 22nd. A relative could give you a gift of money, thanks to a sextile between expressive Mercury and Saturn; use this windfall to make some home improvements. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th could bring an announcement of a pregnancy, engagement or marriage. The final days of February may involve a flurry of social engagements.


Cultured Venus moves through your Courtship Sector on the 3rd, prompting a romantic interlude. Jupiter, your ruling planet, goes retrograde on the 5th, causing your social circle to contract. Being more discerning about the company you keep is important, especially for a gregarious person like you. Instead of going from party to party, schedule some one-on-one lunches and dinners with a few of your favorite people. Be selective.

A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th could bring the successful conclusion of a legal matter, giving you a chance to spend more time on the people and activities you love. On the 11th, the empowering Sun trines Jupiter, paving the way for a fateful meeting. Making friends with an influential person in your community or profession could cause your own star to rise. Who you know may be just as important as what you know during the middle of February. The 18th finds the affectionate Sun moving into your Family Sector.

Relatives should be especially supportive at this time; don't hesitate to ask them for tender loving care when your spirits are low. If you're estranged from your nearest and dearest, make it your mission to create a modern family consisting of friends, neighbors and colleagues. The Solar Eclipse on the 26th is ideal for domestic pursuits. If you want to relocate or do extensive home improvements, this is a great time to do so. Selling or buying a beautiful piece of property by the water is another distinct possibility.


Loving Venus enters your Domestic Sector on the 3rd, paving the way for satisfying family time. You might also want to seize this opportunity to redecorate a drab room or buy some beautiful artwork. On the 5th, Jupiter goes retrograde, slowing the pace of professional opportunities. Instead of trying to advance your career, concentrate on spending more time with your nearest and dearest. Mercury enters your Income Sector on the 7th, paving the way for successful salary negotiations.

Be prepared to wheel and deal; your powers of persuasion will be very strong at this time. A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th could bring the end to a joint financial agreement. It will be a relief to break free of this restrictive arrangement. Reaching a divorce settlement that satisfies both parties is a distinct possibility. On the 13th, the ambitious Sun makes a sextile to Saturn, your ruling planet.

Signing a big client like a hospital, university or government agency could cause your earning potential to soar. Heaping shame on a family member may backfire when pushy Mars squares imposing Pluto on the 22nd; it would be better to take a more compassionate approach. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th could trigger a spiritual revelation. Material matters like money and status won't seem so important after this fateful day. An opposition between Mars and Jupiter on the 27th warns against being too demanding with family members. Instead of expecting the star treatment, roll up your sleeves and pitch in around the house.


Attractive Venus moves into your Communication Sector on the 3rd, making it a great time for sales pitches and first dates. If you're looking for love, take this opportunity to post a provocative profile on a dating website. Generous Jupiter goes retrograde on the 5th, prompting you to rein in your ambitions. If you've been having difficulty mastering a complicated subject, take this opportunity to take some remedial courses. Brushing up on the basics could prove very helpful.

On the 9th, a sextile between the magnetic Sun and Uranus, your ruling planet, favors a writing project, public presentation or sales pitch. Your communication skills should be very strong at this time. A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th marks an important turning point in a close friendship, romance or business alliance. If you've been dating someone special, you might decide to get engaged or married. Has a relationship been withering on the vine?

You'll be able to make a clean break without any fuss or muss. The determined Sun moves into compassionate Pisces on the 18th, favoring fundraising efforts. Tap into your extensive social network for donors to a good cause. On the 20th, a sextile between curious Mercury and impulsive Uranus could inspire you to take an impromptu pleasure trip. A Solar Eclipse on the 26th may attract a higher pay raise than expected. Happy surprises are likely on this day, thanks to a conjunction between uplifting Mars and spontaneous Uranus. It's possible an old friend could call you out of the blue; this reunion should be joyous.


Lucrative Venus enters your Income Sector on the 3rd, making it easier to attract the moneymaking opportunities you need. An entrepreneurial venture could be highly profitable for you. Jupiter goes retrograde on the 5th, warning you to be less open and vulnerable to others. You have a tendency to be too giving; it's time to establish some healthy boundaries. Mercury's entry to your Privacy Sector on the 7th favors discretion.

Keep a budding romance or job search under wraps; it's a good way to keep envious rivals at bay. A Lunar Eclipse on the 10th could mark the end of a steady job. Instead of working full-time for a company, you might prefer being a free agent. You might also see impressive results from a health regimen at this time. Celebrate with a clothes shopping spree or spa treatment.

On the 13th, the authoritative Sun forms a sextile to ambitious Saturn. Working behind the scenes for a powerful executive will be instructive. Watching your mentor will strengthen your leadership skills. The expressive Sun moves into your sign on the 18th. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to showcase your creative talent and become associated with a charitable organization. A talk with your employer could be productive on the 23rd, thanks to a sextile between chatty Mercury and ambitious Saturn. On the 26th, a Solar Eclipse falls in your sign. Altering your appearance may appeal to your versatile nature. It's a good time to undergo a cosmetic procedure, change your hairstyle or adopt a new role.

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