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Kelli Fox

Mercury turns Direct at 15 degrees Virgo: September 21, 2016

Mercury, planet of communication has been retrograde since August 30th. Miscommunication, misunderstandings and missing details may have been prevalent during this time.

Piercing Intellect

Now that Mercury is no longer retrograde, you may find you have a keen, piercing intellect and can zero in on required information like a hawk on a mouse.

Orderly and Methodical Thinking

At this time, your mind will work efficiently and quickly. You’ll learn best through organized logical courses of study and you may be drawn to math and the sciences. You’ll be capable of very detailed work and won’t shy away from numbers, figures, or equations. You’ll tend to be very orderly in your thinking and methodology, which will make you inclined toward academics, research, study projects and the like.


However, you won’t want to be too abstract and you’ll prefer work that has practical benefit, and not just for yourself but for others as well. You may have very dexterous fingers at this time and have the ability to do fine work with your hands.

Nervous Anxiety

Take care under this influence as you may suffer from nervous anxiety, or lie awake in bed at night while your mind goes around and around. That sense of needing everything to be perfect — an impossible goal, no? — is something you’ll need to work on when Mercury’s in Virgo. As the old saying goes, don’t let perfect get in the way of good!


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