Mercury in Scorpio

Kelli Fox

Mercury in Scorpio: November 10th – December 1st. Mercury first moved into Scorpio during this cycle on October 26th. It turned retrograde at nearly 12 degrees Scorpio on October 13th. It moved retrograde back into Libra on October 27th and turned direct at 26 degrees Libra on November 3rd.

Intense Focus

Under the influence of Mercury in Scorpio, and depending on how this transit affects other planets in your chart, you may find yourself seeking deeper meaning and core truths. With intense focus, you’ll dig beneath the surface to get to the bottom line, mentally clearing away the meaningless data and uncovering the essence of what’s really important.


Intellectual intensity can turn into obsession — once your mind latches on to an idea or train of thought, you won’t want to let go until you’ve taken it all the way to its logical conclusion.


Watch out for a tendency to think more suspiciously and even cynically during this time. You’re not likely to take people’s words or ideas at face value, instead always looking for the deeper meaning or hidden motivation. At worse, you could be consumed with paranoid thoughts. Your best bet is to say what you’re thinking and get a perception check.


However, you could have a tendency now to hold your cards close, afraid to reveal your inner world. You might even expect other people to guess what you’re thinking and feeling, which can lead to misunderstandings.


You might find your mind drawn to the dark side now — mysteries, thrillers, magic and the occult fascinate you. In your longing to understand people’s inner workings and motivations, you might also read up on psychology or astrology.

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