Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

Kelli Fox

Mercury in Sagittarius: January 4 – 12 (it’s retrograde from December 19 – January 8)

Communication planet Mercury moves backwards into Sagittarius so hence the very brief period in Sagittarius this month. During this cycle it was previously in Sagittarius on November 12 – December 2.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

The retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius can trigger an onslaught of opinions that would be better left unspoken. The tendency, under this planetary influence, is what is known as ‘inserting one’s foot into one’s mouth.’ You may feel the urgency to express yourself, feeling that your input is badly needed.

Overly Optimistic

However, what can result from your high-minded comment is a high-volume response. Although you may feel the need to address a particular matter, you may in fact, make things worse. Generally speaking, your judgment isn’t quite on the mark. You could be overly optimistic, expecting your listener to embrace all of your views wholeheartedly.


You may feel that you have all the right answers while your poor misguided friend doesn’t see the simple solution right before them. Don’t assume that your audience is receptive to your insights. You run the risk of coming off as self-righteous or just plain old annoying. No one likes a ‘smartie pants.’

Be Mindful

Use this time to focus on yourself. Review old notes from your current job or class. Do recreational activities, but don’t travel to far from home. Brush up on a foreign language. Try to be mindful before you offer your two cents.

Mercury Direct in Sagittarius

While Mercury transits Sagittarius, you might broaden your worldview and explore a variety of subjects. There’s an urge to expose yourself to new ideas and perspectives, especially of a philosophical nature. You ask yourself life’s big questions, wondering, What does it all mean?

Faith in Positive Outcomes

Nitpicky details, facts and figures are less interesting now, and you make decisions based on intuition rather than logic or analysis. This is an excellent time to focus on your ideal vision for the future, though not so favorable for figuring out the steps to get there. Planning and practicality can come later. Optimistic thinking and faith in positive outcomes characterize this transit.

Tall Tales

You can be a highly entertaining storyteller now, and you may have a tendency to tell tall tales. You make broad, generalized statements that you might not be able to back up with hard evidence. As long as you’re not arrogant and think that your “truth” is the only one, people will forgive you because you tend to come from generosity and idealism.


In your longing to stretch beyond the mundane world, travel will appeal to you, especially abroad. You might feel compelled to brush up on foreign language skills or learn about different cultures.

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