Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Kelli Fox

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus: April 9th – May 3rd

Muddled Energies

Mercury’s regular periods of retrograde motion are among the most well known of all astrological phenomena. These few weeks each year are widely believed to bring chaotic and muddled energies to the fore, but how can we best prepare for what the winged messenger has in store for us this time?

Holding on to What is Ours

Taurus as a sign is all about holding onto what is ours, whether that’s our values, our self-esteem or our possessions. While Mercury is retrograde, however, this can be tricky, as practical matters are in flux, details are hard to pin down and decisions are rarely firm.

Financial Affairs

Taurus has strong connections with money and with business, and financial affairs will need extra care during this period. Do not allow yourself to be rushed or bounced into any major purchases, and always seek expert advice before making a major financial commitment. If possible, hold off until Mercury turns direct again, especially if this transaction will have long term future implications for you. 

Income and Expenses

While Mercury’s energy is temporarily slowed, however, it’s a good time to take another look at your day to day budgeting. You may be missing something obvious – an easy way to expand your income or to cut down on your outgoings – and another look at how you spend your money could pay dividends now.

Dogma and Stubbornness

Since Mercury is the planet of ideas and communication, its retrograde in stubborn Taurus can mean that we become more dogmatic than normal. Expect people to become so entrenched in defending their views that they fail to see reason or logic any more; some of us will be cutting off our noses to spite our faces during this period, in a vain attempt to save face and to be shown to be “right”. On a wider level in society, extremism of any kind can become more entrenched during Mercury retrograde in Taurus, but on a personal level this is more likely to manifest as petty arguments spiralling out of control into full on feuds.

Love and Romance

It’s not all bad news, though. Love and romance can actually benefit from this Mercury retrograde period, as Taurus loves to be slow and sensual, and these energies give us more time to appreciate our partners and to be present in the moment, rather than always rushing on to the next task. The earth signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – are especially likely to find that communication in a relationship may actually improve during this retrograde, if only because their respective partners are forced to slow down and listen.

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