Mercury in Libra

Kelli Fox

Mercury in Libra: September 5th – 27th

Striving for Justice

While Mercury is in Libra, and depending on its influence on your personal birth chart, you may find yourself seeing both sides of any situation. Before making a decision or committing to a course of action, you’ll weigh the options carefully and objectively. Above all, you want to be fair to everyone involved, and you strive for justice and win-win outcomes.


With your ability to see from different angles, indecision could be a problem, and you could drive people crazy with your fence-sitting and fickleness.

Grace and Charm

You could make an excellent diplomat, liaison or negotiator at this time. You’ve got a gift for spotting the common threads in differing perspectives, and are able to bring people to consensus. With your grace and charm, you can be quite persuasive, able to communicate in a way that others can hear. Negotiating contracts and closing deals is your specialty now.


In your role as peacemaker, you might have a tendency to downplay your own desires or opinions in order to avoid conflict. Being too attached to keeping the peace and being “nice” can get you into trouble if you compromise to the point of sacrificing your own needs and suppressing your truth.


At the same time, you might enjoy an argument just for the sake of debating — especially when it comes to politics — and you might even switch sides in the middle!

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