Mercury in Leo

Kelli Fox

Mercury in Leo: August 4th – 19th 

Big Ideas and Grand Plans

While Mercury is in Leo, and depending on how this transit influences your birth chart, your mind may be filled with big ideas and grand plans. You’re less concerned about the details and more interested in the broader vision of what you want to create.


Confidence in your own opinions is strong — maybe too strong! Watch out for arrogance or getting too wedded to being right.

Think Creatively

Your mind is youthful and curious, helping you think creatively and get a fresh perspective on an old problem. Look with the innocent eyes of a child, open to being surprised by the wonder of it all.

Flair for Drama

Warm, fun and lively interactions characterize this transit. Your conversational style might be very entertaining now, and you may find yourself being the life of the party. You’ve got a flair for drama, and could have a tendency to embellish stories with extravagant details.

Inspiring Others

You express yourself with authority, and can inspire other people with your words — as long as you’re speaking from your heart and not your ego.

Express your Feelings

Romance could be front and center in your mind, and you might feel the urge to express your feelings by writing a love letter, poem or song for your sweetheart. Creative energy is high, and your brilliance and uniqueness can shine through your words, whether spoken or written.

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