Mercury in Virgo

Kelli Fox

Mercury in Virgo: August 29th – September 14th

    Laser-Like Focus

    Under the influence of Mercury in Virgo, and depending on how it affects your personal birth chart, you’ll have laser-like focus. No detail will escape your attention, and you’ll be able to sift and sort through information with great efficiency to get to the essence of what matters.

    Analysis and Discrimination

    With your enhanced powers of analysis and discrimination, you might also have a tendency to be critical, or to get too hung up on the details and lose sight of the big picture.

    Logic and Precision

    You might be drawn to math and science, or academic research projects that require logic, precision and attention to detail. This transit is ideal for editing and any kind of refining or perfecting process. Your planning skills are strong, and you’re able to break down complex tasks into small, manageable steps.

    Speech is Direct

    You may not have a lot of patience for frivolous conversations, preferring to get straight to the point. You take your time choosing your words carefully, and your speech is direct, efficient and precise.

    Truthful Observations

    Be careful not to hurt others’ feelings with your sharp tongue — you might just be trying to help with your truthful observations, but there may be a more sensitive way to get your point across!

    Nervous Anxiety

    Perfectionism could plague you now, and in your agony over “getting it right” you might suffer from nervous anxiety or insomnia. Cut yourself some slack — you’re probably being too hard on yourself.

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