Mercury in Taurus

Kelli Fox

Mercury in Taurus: May 13 – 29

Slowly and Methodically

Under the influence of Mercury in Taurus, and depending on how it interacts with planets in your birth chart, your mind might operate slowly and methodically. You may find yourself taking your time to thoroughly consider an idea, thinking through all the details before making up your mind.


You’re likely to have great mental focus, able to concentrate on the task at hand and see it all the way to the end.

Mental Stubbornness

Once you reach a conclusion, you might get so attached to it that you refuse to budge, even when presented with convincing evidence. Mental stubbornness is the downside of this influence — a willingness to consider others’ ideas and opinions will serve you well.


You might find yourself studying up on very pragmatic matters, less interested in abstract ideas and more focused on real world concerns. Finances could be a special area of focus.

Common Sense

You could also take a class in something very hands-on, like pottery, wood-working, sewing, gardening, or other practical crafts. Common sense takes the lead at this time, and you can find workable solutions to old problems.


Your speech could slow down, and your wit may be less quick than usual. You’re likely to be cautious with your words, and could have the tendency to be very thorough in including all the details.


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