Mercury in Cancer

Kelli Fox

Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on July 19th. It will continue its retrograde motion until July 31st.

Impede Language

The retrograde Mercury in Cancer can impede the flow of language in your daily interactions. Although you may normally be a brilliant speaker, this planetary period can muddle your thoughts and word usage.

Sensitive and Emotional

You may find it difficult to locate the proper word to convey exactly what it is that you mean. You may not be particularly verbose, but you may feel a great deal more sensitive on an emotional level.


What could happen at this time is that you become a bit touchy about subjects in your conversations with other people, which can lead you to retreat from social gatherings. In an attempt to control your environment better, you may also unconsciously manipulate with words to get a desired result. The recipient will not be too pleased with your shenanigans. If you are spending more time at home, you may want to turn your focus on hands-on activities such as home repairs, interior remodeling, and cleaning.

Domestic Endeavors

This planetary influence is wonderful for domestic endeavors, especially any home project which has needed your attention for awhile. This would also be a good time for family reunions. However, don’t sign leases for a new rental or buy a house at this time.

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