Mercury in Aquarius

Kelli Fox

Mercury in Aquarius – March 4th – 16th. During this cycle Mercury first moved in Aquarius on January 17th. It moved into Pisces on February 3rd and turned retrograde at nearly 13 degrees Pisces on February 16th. It will turn direct at 28 degrees Aquarius on March 9th. 

A Tireless Mind

Mercury, planet of communication moves into Aquarius where it will stay for the next three weeks. During this time you may find that your mind is tireless. The gears in there will always turning, and you may have some difficulty turning off your brain at night in order to get some sleep.

Unusual and Interesting

You could see the world in a very unusual and interesting way, turning ideas and concepts around in order to see facets and angles that no one else has considered before.


Under this influence, learning in a methodical and organized method may work fine for you but don’t overlook those ‘ah-ha!’ moments, because flashes of inspiration can deliver some profound ideas and concepts. Mentally, you could be opinionated and rather stubborn, though quite innovative; once you make up your mind on something it will be very difficult to change your mind.

Progressive Subjects

You may find yourself to be a deep and serious thinker at this time but your thoughts may be disconnected from your emotions, so you can arrive at conclusions that are quite shocking to those who are more compassionate and less cerebral than you. Subjects such as computer science, technology, and the physical sciences may appeal to you, but you may also be drawn to more progressive subjects, particularly fields in which great progress can be made. You prefer to be on the cutting edge under this transit.


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