Mercury in Capricorn

Kelli Fox

Mercury in Capricorn: December 20th – January 8th

Methodical and Pragmatic

Under the influence of Mercury in Capricorn, and depending on how this transit affects your natal chart, your thinking could become more methodical and pragmatic. You’ll take a systematic approach to planning and decision-making, breaking an idea down into smaller parts in order to organize your thoughts in a workable way.

Long-Term Goals

This is an ideal transit for clarifying your long-term goals and figuring out practical steps to get there.

Organizational and Administrative Skills

Your thinking could be more cautious now, and you’re unlikely to sign on to any ideas or opinions that haven’t been tested and proven to your satisfaction. Business sense is strong, and you’ve got good organizational and administrative skills. With your gift for analyzing systems and structures, you might figure out how to increase your functionality and productivity.

Direct and Focused

Conversations tend to be direct and focused on business or other practical matters. You might come across as cold, bossy or even superior, so be sure to add a little sugar when you’re communicating what you want.

Business Management

Your learning is very focused now, and you’ve got the persistence to master a subject through sheer will and intent. You may feel drawn to taking a class on business management or another subject with real-world applications.

High Standards

You have high standards now, and might have a tendency to be hard on yourself — be sure to keep your sense of humor!

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