Mercury in Aries

Kelli Fox

Mercury in Aries:  – April 10th – 27th

Jumping to Conclusions

During the time Mercury is in Aries and how it influences you personally, you may find your mind could be like a speeding bullet, hurtling along with deadly aim. Able to absorb information at a single leap, reading at the speed of light, jumping to some amazing conclusions on very little information — this is how your brain could operate under this influence.

Active Mind

More than likely, you’ll have a very active mind, and perhaps there will be times when you wish it were far less active! It could keep you awake at night, going around in circles, reviewing the same scenarios or faulty logic over and over again. There will be a playful aspect to your mind at this time and the way you communicate; you may be a poet, or enjoy the turn of a phrase.

Short Attention Span

You’ll be good at word games, especially ones that don’t last too long, because you’ll have a rather short span of attention and will easily lose focus. You may prefer direct communication, saying what you think and meaning what you say. You, (or others) could be rather abrupt in the way you talk, or have a fast pace of speech, hurrying your words and clipping your consonants.

Quick Minded

During this period you’ll have a quick mind, able to calculate figures in your head, speedily connecting ideas.

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