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Venus square Venus

You Annoyed Each Other

Kelli Fox

Your relationship looked so good on paper! You both had a relaxed, sensual way about you, a zest for life, an appealing joie de vivre. But on the other hand, your values were dissonant, as were your tastes.

One of you went for the quiet and elegant, the other for the raucous and brash, a difference that was particularly acute around the expression of public affection -- which one of you was all over the other in public? It felt like you couldn't relax together; all the while little bursts of friction keep bubbling up and disturbing the peace. You viewed your lover as impossibly vain -- and surprise, that was the exact same complaint you heard back! And it was a small thing, but you really couldn't abide the way it took your sweetie hours and hours to get ready to go to just about any social event. But all did not have to be lost. These problems were really fairly unimportant in the grand scheme of things. You two liked each other, right? So you could have stopped rubbing each other the wrong way. You needed to make like a second grader and cooperate. Share more. Not do the stuff that drove your lover mad. There was a lot there to love, and love makes the world go 'round.

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