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Venus square Saturn

Starved For Love

Kelli Fox

It was pitiful to see poor you in such a state, literally starved for love. Your so-called sweetie really held out on you, huh? Few people can resist your luscious siren charms, and thus you had gotten a bit spoilt with all the attention.

So when this contained, precise person happened by, you figured that a little cool breeze might make for a refreshing change of pace, not to mention a challenge. And you got what you asked for -- one heck of a challenge. You broke under the strain, doing things you wouldn't have done if you were in your right mind, trying to get the stroking you deserved. But you shouldn't have been so quick to throw this one on the ash heap. For once you chose a lover who was not shiny on the surface but was solid to the core. You didn't have as much fun in this relationship as you have had in others, but you were on the road to a love relationship that demanded the best from you even while it gave you the kind of satisfaction that could have endured for a lifetime. You had the oatmeal of lovers, hardly glamorous but undeniably down-to-earth, dependable, and good for you. Maybe next time the path won't be quite so hard.

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