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Venus square Mercury

Spoke Some Evil

Kelli Fox

You like to think of yourself as tremendously accepting of other people's foibles, but in reality your tolerance is more of a cop-out -- you just don't want to deal with the nasty business of confronting someone else and sharing your feelings. You'd rather indulge yourself, in food, drink, fun, and sometimes more illicit pleasures. Your lover was always trying to get you to open up.

You viewed it as invasive and annoying, and felt like you'd had too many heart-to-hearts at 3:00 a.m. Your sweetie, on the other hand, found you rather selfish and closed off. How could you have met in the middle? You would have had to find a way to communicate your feelings to each other. Your lover wanted to talk talk talk you to death, but you were not a big fan. You could have tried another way instead. Emails? Scheduled meetings? Love Rx through limericks? There absolutely, positively was a way that you and your sweetie could have formulated the compromises you needed to get you through the next thousand years or so -- it just required you to get off your butt and start. If your sweetie really meant as much to you as you claimed, you'd have been wise to get going.

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