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Venus quincunx Sun


Kelli Fox

You were at odds with your lover, and it was easy to see why. You were the sensual hedonist, while they were a mover and shaker. You wanted to drop bucks on vintage champagne and throw parties, while your sweetie wanted to network and take night classes.

Sometimes it seemed like you had nothing in common, and as if understanding each other would mean you had to bridge a huge gap between you. And you, always with an eye on alluring new prospects, didn't want to stick around to work it all out.That was your prerogative, but you didn't have to go revving up to hit the road so soon. You bagged yourself a rare bird, and it was worth a bit of thought before you went after some new bit of fluff. Think about it: What's really important in a relationship compared to what your ego demands? Your sweetie was a tad self-important and righteous, to be sure, and you found all those rigid morals rather a bother. But there was something so solid about your sweetie, so special and unique. Hopefully, you didn't walk out the door before you thought carefully about where you were going.

Venus quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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