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Venus quincunx Pluto

Out of Control

Kelli Fox

Your partner walked through life oozing power and intensity, a potent combination that left you helpless in its wake. Notice the choice of words: helpless. You were dazzled and impressed by your lover, to be sure, but most of all you felt curiously weak.

You let your lover make all the decisions. You couldn't stand up for yourself. You felt more like a wuss than you ever did before, and you couldn't see a way out. Even worse, your lover seemed to delight in having the upper hand. You had always been the one to choose when, where and how you saw those enchanted by your charms, but in this relationship you were the one waiting by the phone. You were so confused about your partner's feelings and intentions that you even started asking them the dreaded question: What are you thinking? If you'd wanted to sustain your connection, you would have had to go about it more cleverly. Your partner was committed to head games, so you should have played a few yourself. You needed to stop reacting to your lover's obvious manipulations and remained cool. Enjoyed yourself by yourself. Your lover would have become irresistibly attracted by your confidence, and you would have stopped feeling like an also-ran.

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