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Venus quincunx Jupiter

Promising But Too Challenging

Kelli Fox

Both of you were such warm and loving people -- so why was there such a distance between you? As hard as you tried, you weren't able to get close and comfy with your lover. You admired your sweetie's wide-open mind and earthy sense of humor, while in return you were admired for your easy way with people and your vast capacity to love.

Yet somehow things didn't hang together. You still got nervous around your sweetie. Conversation didn't flow. You tended to show each other your social smiles rather than melding together easily. Time and attention could have melted the frost between you, had both of you cared enough to weather your difficulties. You shared many things in common, including a passion for the arts and a desire to improve yourselves. If you'd have learned to travel together down life's path, you would have brought out the best in each other and gone further than either of you could alone. And it could have been done -- two people with such generous spirits should certainly have been able to find it in themselves to bend enough to accommodate the needs and desires of each other. You'll know better next time.

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