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Venus opposite Venus

Sweetums! Dearest!

Kelli Fox

If you two had been a personal ad, you'd have been the one awash in verbiage about cozy cuddles by the fire and sunset walks on the beach. You snuggled and cooed -- I love you hunny-bunny! Not half as much as I love you, cutsie-wootsie!

All that warm-puppy love was sweet, but you were making everyone else at the table sick, particularly since they saw through the act. The truth was that you two were much more in love with love than you were with each other, and that you spent so much time polishing your adoring-lovers act that you didn't truly get to know each other. Had you two wanted to make this work out, you needed to drop the syrup, and start doing some real work. You guys liked each other, right? Well, right? If you had to pause before answering that question, there was a reason why. Did you share values? Where did you see this relationship going? A few discussions should have gotten things started. It would have been difficult, to be sure, to puncture the sweet pink balloon you were living in, but it was a dream world, one that should have been replaced with something solid and dependable.

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