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Venus opposite Sun

Almost Perfect Past Tense

Kelli Fox

You had a pretty good thing going there, but it wasn't perfect by a long shot. For one thing, your lover tended to run all over you -- or at least try to -- and it left you feeling a bit bruised. Who wants to be scolded and ordered around like a kid?

You should have been equals and partners, not parent and naughty child. But you were no champ at standing up for yourself, either, preferring to live your high life rather than work on anything serious and complex. Meanwhile, you got even in passive aggressive ways: sulks, leaving little messes around the house, initiating long, circular discussions about your relationship. You may not want to hear this, but on some level your partner viewed you as rather lazy and touchy. Now, all that being said, you still had a sweet hookup. You and your lover truly loved being together -- you had fun together. You wanted the same things out of life. You were harmonious more than dissonant. The key was to try doing the things your sweetie liked more often, and the popular stuff less often. There was no need for a major overhaul, just some fine-tuning.

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